Regional presence: Sectra in Australia & New Zealand

Letter from Bart

By Bart Thielen, Managing Director of Sectra ANZ

Bart Thielen, Managing Director Sectra Australia & New Zealand

Bart Thielen, Managing Director Sectra ANZ

At Sectra, we use the tagline “knowledge and passion” to describe our corporate philosophy. This resembles how Sectra employees interact with customers—our most valued asset. The Sectra ANZ team consists of experienced and driven individuals that make it their goal to deliver a WOW to Sectra customers every day.

Personally, I want to contribute to health(care) with technology. A passion that I developed during my study of Medical Computer Science at Utrecht University. After working for Sectra in the Benelux region since 2011, I am determined to bring my passion to the Australia and New Zealand healthcare market.

Healthcare is rapidly changing; new technologies contribute to a healthier and longer living population. This makes the cost of the healthcare rise dramatically so something needs to be done. By implementing rock solid and future proof solutions, Sectra makes sure the healthcare provider and ultimately the patient can benefit from the best tools on the market, anywhere at any time.

As we look forward to 2018, we have several items high on our agenda. The first is to excel in customer satisfaction. The second is to continue our focus on enterprise imaging and our ongoing efforts to provide the very best (diagnostic) tools integrated with leading EMR and RIS vendors. Lastly, as an established integrated diagnostics vendor in Europe, we want to contribute to the digitization of pathology in Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to facilitate improved collaboration between radiologists and pathologists—and, most importantly, improved cancer care for patients.

I am excited for the future that lies ahead of us and I invite you to contact me for further discussion.

Best Regards,
Bart Thielen, Managing Director of Sectra ANZ