Regional presence: Sectra in Canada

Information from Sectra Canada Inc. on measures relating to COVID-19

As we witness the impact of COVID-19 in Canada, Sectra has taken proactive measures to ensure continued delivery of our industry-leading customer service, while considering the best interests of our customers and employees.

We thank our healthcare providers for their remarkable efforts in during these uncertain times. Sectra Canada aims to cautiously reintroduce site visits once it is completely safe to do so for all parties involved. Sectra is closely following guidelines from governmental authorities and will continue to support your Sectra systems while you focus on providing exceptional patient care and virus containment.We will remain abreast of the situation and will provide communication should anything mentioned above need to change.

If you have any specific concerns, please reach out to us at

Stay safe,
The Sectra Canada Team

Deployment and training

We have not made any changes to our deployment schedule and do not plan to do so. If your health system has any restrictions in place regarding hosting visitors, we respectfully ask that you inform us immediately.

Online training

Click here to access our customer e-learning portal.


This page was last updated on September 9th 2021.