Regional presence: Sectra in the USA

Information from Sectra Inc. on measures relating to COVID-19

As we witness the COVID-19 virus spreading in the US, Sectra has and will continue to take prudent measures as we seek to continue delivery of our industry-leading customer service, while taking the best interests of our customers and employees into consideration. At this time, we have come up with the following guidelines to assure you that business continuity plans are up and running to support your Sectra systems while you focus on patient care and virus containment. We will continue to stay abreast of the situation and will provide communication should anything mentioned above need to change.


Sectra US is now working 100% remotely to do our part to try to slow the spread of the virus. Every member of our team is outfitted with the technology and infrastructure necessary to support you as we have always done.

Sectra PACS Functionality

  • Chat function to easily allow radiologists working from home to communicate with hospital staff
  • Configurable “Free Fields” to update a patient’s COVID-19 status (negative, positive, recovered) — can be created in the EMR or PACS

On-site go-lives & training

When Sectra receives a contract, we place the utmost importance on adhering to our established timelines and honoring our commitments. Go-lives are planned months in advance and involve multiple staff members. We have not made any changes to our deployment schedule and do not plan to do so. If your health system has any restrictions in place regarding visitors, we respectfully ask that you inform us immediately.

On-Line ‘Lunch & Learn’ training sessions

The training schedule is available here for Lunch & Learn classes running from August through October. We have added additional sessions due to the high demand for on-line learning opportunities.

FDA approval for remote pathology reading

On April 1, Sectra announced the fantastic news that our Digital Pathology Solution — with remote reading capabilities for pathologists — has received FDA clearance for primary diagnostics. Read the news here. The timing could not be better as this will allow pathologists to make primary diagnoses from home without the need for a microscope or physically shipping slides. In response to an immediate need to support remote reading while battling the virus, we will soon be introducing this digital pathology package with training videos included.


The information on this page was last updated on August 10, 2020.