Marienhospital Aachen

More time for the patients

Around 700 of the orthopaedic procedures carried out annually at the Marienhospital in Aachen are joint reconstruction operations, which require careful pre-operative planning.

In my work I need to take a very pragmatic approach. That’s why I like a computer-supported solution which is stable, secure and simple, without any unnecessary messing about.

Dr. Klaus Borggrefe, Director of Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery at Marienhospital

“It’s perfectly true that this means we’re not among the biggest institutions, but we do differ from other hospitals in that we place high priority on the personal, human aspect of our work. What we offer our patients is someone they can talk to, and someone they can rely on. And the best way to fulfill this traditional approach is by making use of ultra-modern and ultra-efficient IT solutions,” says Dr. Klaus Borggrefe, Director of Orthopaedics and Accident Surgery at Aachen.

More time for the patients

Throughout the pre-operative planning process Sectra’s orthopaedic solution is fulfilling all the expectations regarding digital image processing. It is easy to use, precise and saves time—time that we prefer be set aside for patients.

Five clicks away from a new hip

Since its implementation at the beginning of the year, some 300 hip and knee operations have been successfully planned and carried out using the system. What the team finds particularly impressive is how easy the tool is to use.

Once you have accessed the image stored in the PACS it just takes five clicks to complete the planning of a hip replacement. After opening the image, the surgeon defines five anatomical landmarks.

Based on this information, the system automatically generates recommendations for the type and size of the implant that matches the patient’s anatomy. Manufacturers and models of the prostheses are pre-installed according to the user’s preferences and can be easily updated at any time.

Ease of use

Switching to the new system was surprisingly easy and there were hardly any teething troubles. Dr. Borggrefe adds that “the orthopaedic pre-operative tool operates in a way that is very much focused on the realities of actual practice and it provides us with precisely the resources we need for successful planning and performance.

Personalized support

As well as this, the typically Swedish non-bureaucratic approach taken by Sectra is also much appreciated. Sectra supports us in a very personal way and focuses on our individual needs, just as we do with our patients”, concludes Dr. Borggrefe, reflecting on a partnership with a company with which he is clearly satisfied.

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