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Well-prepared before surgery with Sectra’s orthopaedic solution

The University of Rostock was founded in 1419 and is the oldest university in Northern Europe. The history of the orthopaedic section at the university hospital dates from 1898. The orthopaedic clinic has since evolved into a well-known institute for orthopaedic research and education in Germany. Prof. Dr. med. Wolfram Mittelmeier, the director, is one of the initiators of the Endocert certification process in Germany. The orthopaedic hospital, which performs around 2,000 orthopaedic procedures each year, was one of the first clinics in Germany to receive EPZ certification. Since February 2014, the orthopaedic team, has been using Sectra’s orthopaedic solution to plan and prepare before surgery.

Sectra's solution is a very easy system to learn and the automatic guides are very helpful in making a plan fast.

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfram Mittelmeier, director of the orthopaedic section at the Rostock University Hospital

Planning of all cases

“We have always planned all prosthesis surgeries, but before we started using Sectra’s orthopaedic solution we did it on paper which was quite time consuming. Since the Orthopaedic Clinic in Rostock is a certified EPZ* clinic, it is obligatory to plan all hip and knee surgeries, but we prefer to plan all shoulders as well. The assistant surgeon or the senior surgeon prepares a plan and then we discuss it the day before the actual surgery. A surgeon who was not involved in making the plan confirms that the plan is correct to avoid any mistakes and risks. Then the team is ready for surgery.”

The junior surgeons learn a lot from planning

According to Dr. Skripitz, one of the benefits of pre-operative planning is that the junior surgeons learn a lot and they become involved in the patient. If a surgeon has not planned in advance, they might become insecure during surgery, but if they have a confirmed plan to follow they feel much more confident.

Easy documentation and time savings

“By using a digital planning system, we can save the plan in our PACS system and there is no risk of losing any documentation. This will improve and ease our administration and make it possible to maintain a high quality of service for our patients. I also estimate that we will save a lot of time by compiling the plan digitally. Before going digital, we first had to find everything needed for the plan, such as the image and the drawings of the prosthesis and then we spent quite some time on making the plan as well. Now it will be much easier to compare different implants to find which model fits the patient best and which size to use.”

Easy to use and administrate

“Sectra’s solution is a very easy system to learn and the automatic guides are very helpful in making a plan fast. I especially like the osteotomy guide as it will save us a lot of time compared with today. Since it is an online solution, we don’t need to spend any time on template administration or software upgrades. This is all taken care of by Sectra and we can focus on our patients.”

An online solution

Sectra’s orthopaedic solution can be delivered as a cloud solution, requiring no capital investments in software or time spent on local software installations. Customers simply pay per plan and can be sure that they are always using the latest released software version.


*EndoProthetikZentrum (EPZ): For more information regarding this certification process in Germany please visit

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