Altitude 360, London

Join us at Sectra’s first AI Clinical Showcase!

One small step for clinicians – one giant leap for diagnostics. Situated on the 29th floor of Westminster’s tallest building!

What is the AI Clinical Showcase?

The AI Clinical Showcase is a forum to learn about upcoming AI technology within the diagnostics space. This immersive experience will allow you to experience AI software from a variety of vendors taking a hands-on approach. It is also an opportunity to speak with software developers and AI specialists in the healthcare industry.

How will this benefit me?

You will see how AI can exist within your established workflows to maximise efficiency, while at the same time being tightly integrated into your Medical Imaging infrastructure. You will also learn how AI can benefit your day to day activities and ultimately how it can improve the patient journey along the care pathway.

Who can attend?

This event is open to a wide range of industry specialists. We believe it will be most relevant to department heads, IT Managers Clinical Leads, Radiologists and Pathologists. We hope to see you all there!

The event will be on floor 29 of Altitude 360, see directions to the venue here


This is a preliminary program. Changes may be made to the agenda until the day of the event.


09:00–09:25Registration with coffee and pastries

– Sectra Ltd – Jane Rendall, Managing Director 

09:30–10:00Deep learning for breast cancer screening
– Kheiron Medical – Hugh Harvey, Clinical Director
Deep learning is poised to transform breast cancer screening globally. Kheiron have developed Mia (Mammography intelligent assessment) to act as an independent reader within double-reading screening programmes and are leading the way in robust clinical validation across the UK and Europe. Voted Best New Radiology Software 2019, this talk will highlight the state-of-the-art performance and deep clinical integration of this flagship AI software.

10:00–10:30Optimising the delivery of stroke care and patient selection through AI and Deep Learning
– Brainomix – Riaz Rahman VP Healthcare Global and Eric Greveson, CTO
With over 85,000 annual stroke admissions in England alone, the disease places a heavy burden on an NHS already grappling with delivering stroke care within budget for an ageing population. Brainomix, originally formed from a group at Oxford University, is using AI and Deep Learning to globally transform how physicians interpret brain images to optimise patient selection for life saving treatment. This talk will highlight how the award-winning multi-modality e-STROKE SUITE, which to date has been used to treat over 100,000 patients in 25 countries, seamlessly fits into the clinical pathway and is transforming the front line.

10:30–10:45Coffee break

10:45–11:15Driving AI adoption in clinical practice: A team play
– Aidence – Nynke Breimer, Director of Business Development
The hype around AI is slowly starting to make way for the first “real-world” AI solutions. Adopting AI in your practice is a journey of aligning the right group of people to create an impact on efficiency and quality. Aidence created Veye Chest, a solution for automated pulmonary nodule management that is currently deployed in hospitals in the Netherlands and Sweden. During this talk, we will share with you our experience with implementation, and clue you in on the roadblocks and opportunities for adopting AI in your practice.

11:15–11:45REAL impact from ARTIFICIAL intelligence?
– Qure.ai – Rohit Ghosh, Director of Business Development
There is definitely a lot of hype today around AI and its practical adoption in the radiology space. We believe that building an accurate algorithm is only the first step in the process. To develop AI solutions that are deployed across 100+ sites in 12 countries takes a little bit more. Come and listen to Rohit Ghosh from Qure.ai who is sharing case studies that highlight actual customer deployments and real-life use-cases.

11:45–12:15How can AI assist in worklist priotization and in radiology-based population health management?
– Zebra Medical Vision – Eldad Elnekave, Chief Medical officer
Hospitals now understand that AI can bring better care and improved productivity. Zebra Medical Vision leads the way for creating a one stop shop for all the radiology AI needs of any health provider, leveraging few of the largest imaging data sources ever created for AI research. Named one of the world’s Most Innovative AI Companies by FastCompany, Zebra-med recently CE cleared the world’s first multi-modality worklist prioritization tool that alerts for acute conditions in both X-ray scans and CT scans, in addition to other previously released products around liver, lung, bone, fracture, calcium scoring, and breast cancer. This talk will highlight a recent UK commercial case study and provide best practices to integrate AI into the workflow.


13:00–14:30Workshop sessions (three sessions, half an hour each)

14:30–14:45Coffee break

14:45–15:45Workshop sessions (two sessions, half an hour each)

15:45–16:15Accessing global innovation through vendor-neutral platforms
– Sectra – Fredrik Häll, VP Product Management
AI and Deep Learning holds tremendous potential to bring better care and improve productivity in diagnostic imaging. It is expected that this innovation will come from a sum of many products and companies rather than from a single source. During this talk we will discuss the key role a vendor-neutral platform has in helping gain access to, and integrate, best-of-breed AI addons, and the importance of seamless, smooth workflows when targeting everyday clinical use cases

16:15Final words
– Sectra Ltd – Jane Rendall, Managing Director

16:15–17:00Networking drinks


If you are interested in exhibiting or have any other questions, please contact caroline.marjason@sectra.com.

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