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Join us at CAR 2024 in Montréal!

Discover Sectra’s complete enterprise imaging solution, available as a fully managed SaaS in the cloud, and Best-in-KLAS Radiology PACS at CAR 2024! With seamless AI-adoption and comprehensive reporting, Sectra Radiology empowers radiologists to save time with efficient workflows and access all tools within a single application. Ready to embrace a new era of enterprise imaging? Schedule your Sectra demo, today!

CAR 2024 Highlights

Ask our industry experts at CAR about our 2024 highlights!


Sectra Amplifier Marketplace makes AI accessible from one place, making it easy to use and implement in your diagnostic workflows. Learn more about how we enable easier, faster, and more secure AI application deployment at CAR.

Organized structured reporting

We provide a framework for consistent and efficient structured reporting to produce comprehensive and actionable results. They contain forms, rich-text templates, and speech recognition, so that you can compile all the important data quickly and easily.

#1 in Customer Satisfaction

Sectra’s radiology module for enterprise imaging, Sectra PACS, has again won the prestigious customer satisfaction award Best in KLAS. It has been ranked number one by healthcare providers for eleven consecutive years in the US and five consecutive years in Canada. Additionally, the new KLAS European categories resulted in Sectra wins for Northern and Southern Europe.

Honors earned include US Large PACS, US Small PACS, PACS Global (Canada), PACS Global (Northern Europe), and PACS Global (Southern Europe).


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