Online/virtual event

Join us at ECR 2021 Online!

We invite you to join Sectra at the ECR 2021 Online congress and exhibition. While we’ll miss the opportunity to meet face-to-face in Vienna in March, we look forward to connecting digitally at ECR 2021! At this year’s virtual event, let us demonstrate how our complete enterprise imaging offering—with Sectra VNA and our Best-in-KLAS PACS for radiology, pathology, and cardiology at its core—truly empowers you to accomplish more.


In conjunction with ECR, we’re also arranging three live webinars with an impressive line-up of speakers—click here for more information and to register.

Efficiency, speed, and experience—amplified

Given radiology’s central role in healthcare, reading efficiency and the ability to communicate actionable reports are key for patient outcomes. The number of patients is steadily growing. In addition, cases are becoming increasingly complex and time-critical, and multiple specialists are often involved—especially in cancer care.

To tackle this growing pressure, systems must “work”, no matter if you’re located within the hospital environment or remote. When time, money, and lives depend on making the right decision at the right time—let Sectra empower you with a comprehensive enterprise imaging solution. Our robust software integrates seamlessly with your EMR and is armed with clinical tools proven to boost productivity and improve collaboration without barriers. Our solutions and innovations, developed in close partnership with our customers, will support and enhance you through:

Ease of use

An intuitive and user-friendly design makes the day more enjoyable and saves you time with less mouse mileage and fewer clicks.

Artificial intelligence

A unified viewer with access to both native and well-integrated best-of-breed AI tools that improve diagnostic workflow, speed up reviews, and increase accuracy.

Enterprise collaboration

Full enterprise access and secure sharing of patient images and information at all locations speed up communication and improve means for collaboration—within the enterprise and beyond.

Amazing speed and uptimes

A rock-solid system that lets you perform diagnostics, with blazing performance—always.

A single workstation

Stop spending time on switching workstations and applications—access all relevant images, patient information, and tools you need from one place and with one user interface.

Smart workflow orchestration

Optimize diagnostic workflow and overall operational performance—and ensure that the right exam is reviewed by the right radiologist at the right time.

Integrated diagnostics

Save time and be ready to deliver multidisciplinary team discussions—prepare, run, and follow up cases in one shared solution with pathology, cardiology, ophthalmology, and other disciplines. A holistic patient overview allows you to make the best possible patient care decisions.

New Sectra e-book: The radiologist’s handbook

Solutions "on display" at ECR