Orlando, Florida

Join us at IMSH 2023 in Orlando!

Visit our booth to experience the next generation our of our cloud-based teaching platform. The award-winning Sectra PACS is powering the teaching platform where real medical images are transformed into high-quality 3D models, making it possible to examine the body like in a real clinical scenario. The high-performance system is developed to deliver a realistic experience and at the same time optimized to work on any computer or tablet. For more information about the event, visit the official event website.


Explore. Engage. Educate.

The amount of information that medical professionals are expected to know and understand has been increasing at an astonishing rate. This places a heavy burden on educational institutions to fully prepare their students for the realities of the medical field.

Sectra has a long and successful history of helping medical professionals in their line of work through our software, but we do not want to end our efforts there. We want to give students the power to get as close to their future reality as they possibly can and at the same time support teachers to manage education efficiently in a landscape where we see an explosive increase in medical knowledge.

Sectra Education Portal has helped transform medical education across the board, from institutions of higher education to postgraduate education. This integrated platform gives you the full strength of the Sectra portfolio, adapted to medical teachers and students.