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Join us at The National PACS User Meeting 2019

The National PACS User Meeting 2019 will be held this September at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

With this platform, we can listen and understand further how to satisfy your needs to provide better solutions for day to day tasks. You will be able to share and discuss related findings with your peers enabling you to learn more about our products and services and Solution Specialists will provide you with an insight for the future development of RIS/PACS.

Ultimately, the user meeting will consist of workshops and presentations followed by a user meeting dinner on the 18th.

This meeting is CPD accredited.

The Midland Hotel

Address: The Midland Hotel, 16 Peter St, Manchester M60 2DS
Date: September 18–19, 2019

This grand Edwardian hotel faces Manchester Central convention complex and Manchester Central Library. It’s a 5-minute walk from the Opera House. It has been a much-loved part of this magnificent city’s life for over 115 years. Step into its timeless elegance and experience award-winning restaurants and an idyllic urban spa.

Midland Hotel Midland hotel bar


There are a number of hotels in the area to suit all budgets.

There are a limited number of rooms reserved at the Midland Hotel for event attendees at the special rate of £169.00 per night, bed and breakfast, sole occupancy. Please call 01617747051 to book via central reservations – you will need to advise that it is for one of the allocated rooms under the name ‘’Sectra’’.

Please note: These rooms are on a first come first serve basis.

Midland hotel room

Day 1 – Wednesday 18th September

09:30–10:00Registration with tea and coffee

10:00–10:10Welcome from Jane Rendall

10:10–10:40Presentation – North East of England – Dr Shonali Natu, Pathologist, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

10:40–11:10Presentation – Breast Imaging in Southern Ireland – Lisa Dunne, Radiologist, National Cancer Screening Service

11:10–11:30Coffee break

11:30–12:00Breakout session

12:05–12:35Breakout session


13:40–14:10Breakout session

14:15–14:45Breakout session

14:45–15:00Coffee break

15:00–15:30Presentation – Sectra Health Cloud

15:30–16:00Presentation – Enterprise Imaging – Chris Scarisbrick, Sales Director


Day 2 – Thursday 19th September

09:30–10:00Networking with tea and coffee

10:00–10:10Introduction from Jane Rendall

10:10–10:40Presentation – IMA, Implant Movement Analysis – Peter Mattsson, Sales Manager IMA/CTMA, Orthopaedic Solutions

10:40–11:10Presentation – AI Applications Store – Daniel Forsberg, Senior Researcher and Product Owner Radiology AI

11:10–11:30Coffee break

11:30–12:00Breakout session

12:05–12:35Breakout session


13:40–14:10Breakout session

14:15–14:45Breakout session

14:45–15:00Coffee and networking

15:00Meeting close

*Please note: Topics and presentations subject to change.


Dr Shonali Natu – Pathologist, North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

Shonali Natu

Dr Natu has been working as Consultant Cellular Pathologist in University Hospital of North Tees since 2004, has been Clinical Director of Pathology and is currently the Pathology Clinical Lead for the southern half of Integrated Care Services for North East. She is a general pathologist and reports  Breast, Bowel and Cervical cancer screening cases. She also specialises in Thyroid cancer. Dr Natu has participated in piloting digital pathology in the North East which has led to the formation of the Digital Pathology Programme for which she is the joint lead with Dr P Barrett.

Lisa Dunne – Radiologist, National Cancer Screening Service

Lisa Dunne

Lisa works as a PACS Manager and Senior Radiographer at the National Cancer Screening Service, dividing her time between screening and administering the PACS system.

“After qualifying as a Radiographer in 1998, I joined BreastCheck in 2003 where I completed a Certificate in Mammography at Salford University Manchester. “I added the role of PACS manager to my week” about 10 years ago requiring oversight of the entire screening process and found the module in RIS/PACS in UCD invaluable. My day can vary considerably; from the clinical where I am imaging, to the technical; which may involve implementing new departmental protocols, troubleshooting problems as they arise across any of our four units, or advising and training staff on new functionality.

Exciting initiatives that we are working on include the rolling out of Age Extension to include women aged 65 to 69. Under this extension the number of women eligible for BreastCheck will increase to approximately 540,000 women, an increase of 41 per cent.”

Peter Mattsson – Sales Manager IMA/CTMA, Orthopaedic Solutions

Peter Mattsson
Peter Mattsson has been working in the implant industry for 25+ years. Most of the experience is toward orthopaedics with a main focus on spine- and trauma surgery.
The IMA & CTMA technology has been developed together with a research and clinical team at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Daniel Forsberg – Senior Researcher and Product Owner Radiology AI

Daniel Forsberg

Daniel Forsberg, MSc Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering and PhD Imaging Informatics, joined Sectra in 2007. After a few years in software development, Daniel began to pursue a research career in medical imaging informatics. First as a PhD student at Linköping University, Sweden, and later as postdoc at Linköping University and at Case Western Reserve University/University Hospital Cleveland, OH, USA. For the past three years, Daniel has been active in the intersection between research and product development, focused on providing tangible value in image diagnostics using today’s machine learning algorithms, while at the same time exploring the unseen possibilities of tomorrow.

Chris Scarisbrick – Sales Director

Chris Scarisbrick
As a Diagnostic Radiographer Chris worked clinically in London and Yorkshire, before seizing an opportunity to shift focus and concentrate on the fast-moving world of PACS. Medical Imaging and workflow are a passion for Chris and has helped to define his career to date. Chris’ journey brought him to Sectra in 2011 and in 2014 he became the Sales Director for Sectra in the UK. In this role, Chris has set the strategy and built the team to ensure continued growth of Sectra’s KLAS leading portfolio into the UK marketplace. As Sectra look to the future of Enterprise Imaging Solutions Chris is developing a keen understanding into the dynamic world of Artificial Intelligence. “It is an exciting time to be in this industry!”.

Ian Judd – Product Manager

Ian Judd
Ian has been working in the Radiology sector his entire career. He spent the first 20 years at Healthcare Software Systems ending up as the Managing Director. This gave him a great deal of experience of Radiology and specifically the workflow nuances of hundreds of different departments in the UK. Ian has have been with Sectra for the last 7 years as a Product Manager, responsible for DoseTrack, Connectivity Hub and Workflow Analysis / Workflow Management. He is responsible for a rapidly growing team based in the UK which is providing products globally for Sectra. The key focus for the team over the coming 24 months will be the delivery of the Sectra Workflow Manager, this is a very exciting time to be a customer of and a member of staff at Sectra!

Maria Freitas da Silva – Business Development Manager for Digital Pathology

Maria Freitas da Silva
As the UK&I Digital Pathology Business Development Manager for the past 3 years, Maria has extensive experience within both the business case phase and in the deployment process, not only for digitising single departments, but also for large complex deployments across multiple trusts that want to ensure joint clinical workflows. As a member of the Sectra Global Pathology Specialist group, she is able to also bring in detailed information from the global market and can therefore draw knowledge from experiences gained elsewhere. Maria is also an active member of industry led initiatives and an active voice around standards for pathology and can consequently contribute to the discussion with current trends.

Gail Johnston – SWASH Customer Services Manager, Salisbury, Wight and South Hampshire Domain Trusts

Gail Johnston
Born and raised in Portsmouth Gail started working for the NHS in 1998 when she took a two week temporary post at HR in Portsmouth Hospitals which eventually became a permanent role. Despite one ill-fated attempt at leaving the NHS back in 2003 for 14 months to work for social services (not for the faint hearted), Gail returned to the NHS in 2004 and engaged in a variety of A & C support roles; in paediatrics, contracts, 18 week team and e-Referral before joining the SWASH Consortium in 2014. The service management team were relatively new in 2014 so it took time and effort to establish expectations of the team and how they fit in with, and contribute to, the governance structure of a consortium. 5 years in, the team have worked closely with key Trust operational staff and suppliers through multiple scenarios and challenges and by default, have defined the core requirements of the SWASH service management team.

Anna Ramsay – Operational Deployment Manager

Anna Ramsay
Having graduated with a BSc Radiography and Postgraduate in Breast Imaging, Anna began her career as a CT and Trauma Radiographer before becoming a Mammographer. With a medical background, Anna then went into radiology management, responsible for the operational delivery of the National & local targets for Radiology at BMI Healthcare and then became an applications specialist at Phillips in 2013.
Coming up to 4 years at Sectra Ltd, Anna has been the Operational Deployment Manager since January 2019 – A dynamic clinician with specialist knowledge of mammography, CT and Healthcare Informatics.

Leigh Betts – Integrated Diagnostics Sales Manager

Leigh Betts
Leigh started his career as a developer, mainly focusing on integration projects before later being involved in RIS deployment activities. Leigh joined Sectra in 2003, when the UK subsidiary was formed and spent the first 10 years working as a PACS/RIS engineer deploying Sectra PACS projects across the UK. During this time Leigh moved into UK product management, supporting the need of the products to be adjusted to meet UK requirements. In 2010 Leigh joined the sales team in the role of Solution Architect with primary responsibility for all designs and technical decisions within the company. Finally, Leigh moved to front line Sales Manager in 2016, the role in which he still has today. Despite the changes in role, Leigh has kept his interest and passion in clinical workflows.

Nicola Humphries – Global Solutions Specialist

Nicola Humphries
Working with the Image Exchange Portal since 2010, Nicky is part of the Sectra management team responsible for Cross Enterprise solutions. Nicky brings extensive customer knowledge and experience, working with sites both in the UK and globally to ensure the IEP products are deployed and configured to achieve the best customer workflows and outcomes. Nicky is also focused on outlining system improvements and developing the long-term product roadmap though customer engagement.

Lisa Lindfors – Product Marketing Manager

Lisa linfors
Lisa Lindfors, MSc, joined Sectra 9 years ago as a part of the global product management team. In this role she has a wide range of tasks including, for example, understanding the market needs and transforming them into real products.
Her focus is on functionality that supports diagnostics within areas such as cancer care or vascular diseases. As part of the product management team, she plays an active role in the development of Sectra’s products, listening and understanding our customers’ needs and ensuring that our solutions add real value in clinical use. She is also active in the launch and sales of Sectra’s products. Lisa works in the international arena, supporting various sales organisations. You may have met her at RSNA, ECR or other congresses.

Rob Gill – Applications Specialist

Robert has been working at SECTRA as an application specialist for coming up to 2 years. He graduated as a diagnostic radiographer in 2009 from Exeter University and worked clinically in London up until 2015. With a keen interest on the digital side of Radiology, Robert worked in the PACS office alongside his clinical duties, eventually taking the acting PACS manager role during the complex transition period from one PACS / RIS vendor to another. You will often see him demoing the product at UKIO, ECR and RSNA or on site discussing, training and troubleshooting the product with end users.

Presentation Summaries

Day 1:

North East of England – Shonali Natu
The North East has embarked on a large ambitious project of region wide implementation of digital pathology across 7 Trusts. The presentation narrates the 5 years of experience from Proof of Concept to going live. The Digital Pathology Board underpins the Programme which includes representatives from all 7 Trusts, supported by the Academy of Pathologists. The Academy of Pathologists is signed up to common principles of implementation, validation and finally reporting and sharing of cases. The presentation will give helpful tips to those who are interested in considering digital pathology for routine reporting.

Breast Imaging in Southern Ireland – Lisa Dunne
BreastCheck- the national breast screening programme was introduced in Ireland in 2000. It began in the east of the country screening women aged 50 – 64 and extended nationally in 2007, the same year the programme went fully digital. BreastCheck invites eligible women for their free mammogram every two years.
Age extension was launched in 2015 and is extending the age range on a phased basis. By 2021 all women between 50-69 will be invited for breast screening.
BreastCheck currently employs approximately 200 staff of which 70% are clinical and provides screening through 4 static units and 19 mobile units throughout the county.

Sectra Health Cloud – TBC
Back in 2015 Sectra started to build our own private cloud platform, from the ground up. Within this session we will explore the past, present and future of the Sectra health cloud, a journey that we have taken along with our customers. We have connected regional trusts with PACS and RIS, even as far away as 1000km from our data centres.
In this presentation we would like to tell you about how we have utilised state of the art cloud technologies to bring you the many benefits of cloud. We will also talk about the new storage technologies that are available to face the need for a larger and larger storage footprint.

Enterprise Imaging – Chris Scarisbrick
Sectra’s Enterprise Image Management strategy in a nutshell!  How can Sectra underpin the consolidation goals for your Trust?  We see a continued shift towards broader accessibility to imaging and reports to support the cross Enterprise divergence of patient pathways into regional specialist centres; this shift has influenced our platform design to this point and into the future. This presentation will describe some of these key challenges and how our platform addresses the clinical need.

Day 2

IMA, Implant Movement Analysis – Peter Mattsson
IMA is a diagnostic tool that will give the surgeon a better answer (compared to current methods) weather there is an implant movement that could be the cause of pain for the patient.
If there is no movement, then revision surgery can be avoided, and other treatment options of pain relief can be explored. The unnecessary risk and pain for the patient is avoided and might lead to better and more effective treatment options.
IMA has the potential to save a lot of money and resources for society while avoiding risky surgery for the patient.

AI Applications Store – Daniel Forsberg
Today, radiologists are overwhelmed by extravagant marketing messages about AI, promising to revolutionize diagnostics in medical imaging. However, most radiologists feel uncertain about how existing AI solutions can support them in their day-to-day work, how they can be integrated into existing workflows, and, in general, how to adopt AI.

This presentation aims to describe the main challenges of implementing AI in clinical practice and to outline Sectra’s strategy to support a more widespread use of AI. In particular, the talk will focus on how so-called “application stores” will play a significant role in facilitating adoption.

Workshop Summaries

Day 1

Workflow Management – Ian Judd
Radiology departments over the globe are struggling to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of their departments. Sectra is rolling out a suite of Workflow management and efficiency products over the coming two years to assist in identifying and resolving bottlenecks in processes from Acquisition through to Reporting. The session will detail the plan for this initiative and its phases in detail and encourage feedback from the audience. The Workflow Analytics phase of the initiative is almost complete and a detailed sneak preview and demonstration of this functionality will be presented in the session.

The session will cover Clerical, Radiographic and Radiologist focussed drivers and initiatives. There will be something for everyone and I’m sure the conversation and debate will be lively and fun

Building the digital pathology business case as part of your EIM strategy – Maria Freitas da Silva
There is no longer a question around whether digital pathology should be implemented and doing so has become a core element of most regions’ EIM strategies. However, gathering data to finalise the business case is not always easy, and often these are being left highly incomplete. This session will facilitate a guided discussion through different clinical and technical considerations which contribute to maximising the budget made available and it’s ROI. Participants will be able to share their experiences, and leave with a combined view of what their colleagues are doing both within the country and around the world.

New features 21.1 and ideas sharing for future developments – Anna Ramsay and Leigh Betts
Sectra PACS 21.1 is now released! In this session we will look at the exciting new features around structured reporting, Uniview, breast imaging and many more. During this session you will also have the opportunity to find out more about future development and share your ideas on what Sectra PACS should look like in the future.

Service Management Team – What’s the point? – Gail Johnston
In SWASH we have found that the combination of the governance structure, the combined knowledgebase of the Trusts and suppliers coupled with the service management team support has often provided enough processes and experience to enable navigation through complex and/or unexpected challenges through to conclusion. It has not been not easy, but we have survived as a consortium, achieved a great deal and overcome many hurdles whilst remaining united in attempts to continually evolve and improve services for patients.
We feel we have learnt a lot of lessons that could possibly benefit other Trusts considering a governance structure involving a service management team. I therefore look forward sharing some of these with you and answering any questions you may have on how we have approach and manage consortia affairs.

Day 2

IEP with Anyone – Nicola Humphries
This is an open discussion workshop around how IEP is used within organisations, both internally and for patients.
During the session, ways in which the IEP service/functionality is shared within organisations, awareness, processes and any challenges or barriers to usage that are found will be discussed.

PACS Based Reporting and Peer Review – Rob Gill and Anna Ramsay
Sectra enterprise imaging enables customers to have a common strategy for capture, storage, access, sharing and collaboration, we must look to have solutions for integrated diagnostics within one platform and one application for seamless workflows and exceptional patient care.
One of our Aims is for efficient diagnostic support paired alongside integrated tools and information for Reporting, Peer Review, Resident Feedback.
The new offering ‘Structured Reporting’ alongside the traditional Reporting Package will support customers to create detailed reports swiftly and with ease.
Measuring a departments reporting performance (peer review) or learning from good reports / mistakes (peer feedback) , the SECTRA Peer review product looks to combine both philosophies to support both scenarios.

AI in Practice – Daniel Forsberg
This workshop builds on the presentation “AI applications store”, but where a much more practical approach is used to demonstrate how various AI applications from different AI vendors can be used in the day-to-day work of the radiologists. Of interest are AI applications that can assist the radiologist with either workflow management and triage, or with diagnostic image review and reporting.

The session will also showcase some of Sectra’s own AI development, referred to as smart workflow accelerators, and give room for your own ideas and feedback in this area.

Multi-Parametric MRI from a Prostate and Breast perspective – Lisa Lindfors
Multi-parametric MRI (mp-MRI) is for multiple clinical workflows, including prostate and breast cancer diagnosis. It consists of T1 and T2 sequences, complemented by functional imaging techniques, i.e. diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and dynamic contrast enhanced (DCE).
The quantification task is today often done by using a third-party application, either as a plugin or on a separate workstation which can be both time consuming and complicated.
During 2019 Sectra is adding a new license called Multi-parametric MRI that enables tools for reading these types of examinations more efficiently.
During this session we will go through and discuss Sectra’s own mp-MRI solution which will include functions such as MPR, Time Intensity Curve, colormaps and 3D MIP. The focus will be on breast and prostate mp-MRI examinations.

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Customer dinner

Location: Revolution Oxford Road
September 18
Time: 18:30 until late

The customer evening will enable further networking opportunities along with dinner and drinks.

Special guest, Tom Ward will be performing at the venue.

Revolution Oxford Road

Tom Ward

Comedian, writer, filmmaker and voice-over artist Tom Ward was the Chortle Award winner for Best Newcomer in 2017. Previously, he made a name for himself in comedy as a finalist in the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2014. Tom has forged a successful and unique path in the industry with his inventive style incorporating his voice-over talents and improvisation, in addition to his innovative writing.


Please direct any questions to your Account Manager or to Caroline Marjason on +44 (0) 1279 213 653 or caroline.marjason@sectra.com.