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Join us at RSNA 2021—in Chicago or virtually!

We invite you to visit Sectra in booth #8115 at RSNA 2021, where we will demonstrate our complete enterprise imaging offering with Sectra VNA and our Best-in-KLAS PACS for radiology, pathology, and cardiology at its core. Come experience our high-performance, rich diagnostic application and all the time-saving tools you need to create brilliant workflows and optimize your reading and reporting.
Not attending the in-person event in Chicago? In conjunction with RSNA, we will have solution area experts and executives available also for digital, interactive product demos and in-depth discussions.

Brilliant workflows. Made for you.

Imagine a solution that is always available and can be your single point of access to all the information, tools, and support needed to create precise and actionable results. Sectra can help you tackle the growing pressure in radiology with a unified, easy-to-use, and accessible enterprise imaging solution that provides a holistic patient overview. One comprehensive solution for collaboration without barriers, packed with brilliant features to enhance your workflows, with the speed you demand, including:

Case selection

  • Versatile workflow orchestration with case assignment and dashboards for a live overview—the right case to the right specialist.
  • Rules-based worklists with quick filters, notifications, report due information, and visual indications—know which case to prioritize.
  • Organize your worklist into groups—focus your expertise where it is needed most.

Diagnostic review

  • All images, information, and tools accessible in one easy-to-use diagnostic application—no need to switch between applications or workstations.
  • Quick, AI-powered, and customizable display protocols—display images fast and just the way you want them.
  • Seamless integration of AI applications and results—verify and validate findings without leaving your diagnostic application.
  • Easily navigate both current study and priors with worklists and keyboard shortcuts—spend your time on things that matter.
  • Save your current state if interrupted—automatically store and resume where you left off.

Reporting and result distribution

  • Choose to use native reporting or launch your third-party reporting software with a single shortcut.
  • Compose comprehensive and structured reports through native reporting forms, rich-text templates, and speech recognition*—within your diagnostic application.
  • Add measurements and references to your findings in direct connection with the image review—minimize the number of extra mouse clicks.
  • Embed images into your EMR with versatile integration methods—images, reports, and clinical information all viewed together.
  • One universal viewer on any device—all images and results available for viewing and follow-up.


* Built-in speech recognition is currently only available in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


  • Built-in chat to easily reach out for help, discuss a case, or request a meeting—including links to studies and emojis.
  • Peer review feedback as a natural and efficient part of the image review, on any report available—no need to switch between applications.
  • Tag studies as critical results with a single click—notify the referring physician to take action.
  • Prepare an image collage to go with the written report—improve communication with referrers.

Multidisciplinary collaboration

  • Automatically saved annotations and image settings—reduce time spent on system interaction during tumor boards.
  • Scheduled worklists organized into groups based on different criteria—structure and facilitate tumor board preparation and follow-up.
  • One complete enterprise platform enables true integrated diagnostics and joint rad–path workflows for enhanced collaboration and clinical decisions—radiology and pathology images, documents, videos, and photos displayed side-by-side, as they are prepared.

Teaching and research

  • Add keywords with a single shortcut during review—organize studies for teaching purposes without interrupting the workflow.
  • Organize teaching cases into folders according to your preferences—reduce mouse mileage and increase accessibility.
  • Anonymize and add images to presentations with a single mouse click—reduce time spent on preparing lectures or scientific presentations.

Quality improvement

  • Native tools for QA and QC with reject analysis for follow-up—increase accuracy in image acquisition.
  • Data is normalized and stored in a data warehouse—use to identify bottlenecks and follow up on KPIs and implemented changes.
  • Real-time dashboards monitor workflows—analyze output to streamline your operations.

To help you create these brilliant workflows, we start by listening. For well over 30 years, Sectra has been developing software to build customizable solutions that improve radiology workflow and patient care. Listening to our customers and involving them actively in our processes has always been at the core of our product development. We know it is the only way we can develop products that really make a difference to your daily work. Products made for you.

Selected highlights at RSNA

Brilliant workflows for:
oncology follow-up

More advanced cancer care is driving a massive growth in imaging volumes and exam complexity. Our native lesion tracking tools, with embedded RECIST follow-up, speed-up reading and reporting of oncology cases. Organize, compare, and measure significant lesions in a structured manner. Simplify the reporting by keeping track of the number of lesions, where they are located, and their progress over time. Seamlessly integrated AI provides a fast and easy-to-use verification and validation workflow that speeds up both follow-up and identification of new lesions.

Brilliant workflows for:
breast imaging

Access all the tools needed for high-volume mammography screening and advanced diagnostic breast imaging workflows from one application. Whether you’re reading 2D mammograms, breast tomosynthesis, automated whole breast ultrasound, or multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging—you can view all images, presented in the layout of your choice. With our easy-to-use tools for breast imaging, you never have to switch between applications or workstations. Quickly navigate through the current study and priors with worklists and our new, ergonomic keypad designed for your full focus on the images.

Brilliant workflows for:
MSK radiology

Fast access to advanced, accurate, and consistent measurements within the field of MSK radiology will save valuable time. Our easy-to-use guides let you make 2D measurements for dysplasia, sagittal balance, foot, and wrist in a fast and efficient manner. Advanced 3D tools enable measurements such as TT-TG, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), and producing STL files for 3D printing of bone anatomy with ease. Access to these native tools—and a plethora of additional smart features—in one diagnostic application streamlines the workflow, resulting in significant time savings and faster diagnoses.

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