10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. BST

Webinar: Sectra PACS Hot Topic

Join this upcoming free webinar on May 16th and receive excellent training from an application specialist on Sectra PACS. In our first session we are going to speak about Lesion Tracking and RECIST tools.

Lesion tracking is a light-weight Sectra tool that assists radiologists in finding, measuring and comparing significant lesions in an organized manner. The RECIST module provides an integrated and smooth way to calculate treatment response using IDS7 lesion tracking and anatomical linking to easily navigate between the lesions to measure. These two tools combined provide the radiologist with a better overview of the treatment to implement and a better analysis of the response to that specific treatment. Following a presentation on this topic, there will be an open forum discussion.

Further sessions on different Sectra PACS topics will follow in the coming months.


  • Introduction (10 minutes)
  • Presentation on Topic (30 minutes)
  • Open forum for discussion (20 minutes)


Please direct any questions to rohesia.lester@sectra.com

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