Increasingly vital role of medical imaging in oncology

Collaboration between medical specialists and IT experts is important when it comes to improving the quality of life of oncology patients.

Medical imaging in the field of oncology is advancing in leaps and bounds. It is becoming increasingly easy to manage images and data, making it possible to determine with greater accuracy which treatments will improve the patient’s quality of life and how those treatments can be applied in the most targeted way possible. It is also becoming clear that, in some cases, it’s preferable not to provide any treatment at all.

Sectra discussed these developments with two leading hospitals that both collaborate on a multidisciplinary basis to further improve their patients’ treatment. We spoke at length with a number of thought leaders from AZ Delta Hospital and University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht about their views on the relationship between medical imaging, oncology and IT, and the improvement of patient care.


We are aware that pathology and radiology are very similar in terms of processes and content. We both advocate for a more integrated form of diagnostics and have been looking for opportunities for improved integration and collaboration at a technical and content level for some time.

Prof. Dr. Paul J. van Diest, Head of the Department of Pathology, specialized in digital pathology, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer

Ultimately, the outcome is the most important thing for the patient. If we collect data in a structured manner, we can train a separate model and predict the outcome of using treatment A or B. If this is not clear, we can also engage in a dialogue to provide doctors with much more data-driven support. The aim is to make assessments a lot more objective.

Prof. Dr. Peter De Jaeger, Chief Innovation Officer at RADar, the learning and innovation center of AZ Delta

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