Regional presence: Sectra in Canada

Letter from the President

By Nader Soltani, President of Sectra Canada

Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.

Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.

I’m proud to join the team at Sectra Canada and to contribute to the culture of collaboration, innovation, and customer success that Sectra has fostered for over 30 years in the medical imaging industry.

Since opening the Canadian office 3 years ago in Mississauga, Sectra has seen increased interest for our enterprise imaging technology in Canada, and we’ve experienced fast growth. In 2021, Sectra was awarded the prestigious customer satisfaction award ‘Best in KLAS’ for Canada PACS, as voted by healthcare providers across the country for the second year in a row.

As we transition our leadership team, Sectra Canada will continue to focus on providing industry-leading healthcare technology and exceptional service to our Canadian healthcare partners.

Canada exemplifies some of the best healthcare in the world. And, like many countries, the healthcare infrastructure faces some challenges. Issues such as rising costs, changing demographics, increasing demands for imaging, staff and supply shortages, and the recent global pandemic have had unfavorable effects on the Canadian healthcare system.

During these turbulent times, Sectra Canada is committed to improving access and clinical outcomes for patients in Canada by empowering Canadian physicians to be more productive. I’m keen to engage our Sectra team with Canadian healthcare providers to understand the challenges they are facing and share best practices from our vast global experience. I plan to tailor solutions for Canada’s specific imaging needs, especially with enhancing radiology productivity, integrating artificial intelligence, digitizing the pathology department, and consolidating all imaging on a single platform to support patient-centered care.

I have an optimistic outlook for Sectra Canada’s opportunities to modernize and improve healthcare delivery in Canada. Powered by Sectra’s market-leading, innovative and future-proof enterprise imaging platform, I am confident that our team will continue to provide efficient and proactive services to the Canadian market for years to come.


Nader Soltani, President of Sectra Canada
February, 2021

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