Regional presence: Sectra in Canada

Letter from the President

By Kjetil Nilsen, President of Sectra Canada

Kjetil Nilsen, President Sectra Canada

Kjetil Nilsen, President Sectra Canada

Canada has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, like many other countries, they are facing challenges in the years to come related to rising costs, changing demographics, increasing workloads and a shortage of healthcare professionals. To address these issues, Sectra is committed to work closely with Canadian healthcare professionals to provide solutions that solve their obstacles by increasing their productivity, efficiency and quality of care.

To ensure the Canadian challenges are well addressed, Sectra reorganized its North American operations in 2017 and created Sectra Canada. This is when I moved from my native country, Norway, to Canada into the new role of President. In the first year, I have established new central offices, met with several healthcare providers, and hired staff with experience in the Canadian healthcare market. During this start-up period, I have been struck by the warm welcome I have received across Canada. My family and I are very happy to have settled in this beautiful country.

At Sectra, as much as we love technology, there is something we love even more, which is being able to make something good for humanity. At the end of the day, that is why we are here: to help our customers, the physicians and their patients. Always being available for our users, proactively listening and solving real problems is what drives us. Our tagline “knowledge and passion” is strongly part of the foundation of our new Canadian operations, and I am now confident to have built a strong team who shares the Sectra core values.

A strategic goal for Sectra’s technology is to improve cancer care through faster diagnosis, enhanced multidisciplinary collaboration and efficient follow-up care. Today, I see a huge potential in Canada regarding pathology digitization as well as the timely replacement of legacy PACS in favor of future-proof, high available and scalable enterprise PACS systems that have the capability of consolidating medical imaging and facilitate the implementation of enterprise imaging strategies that follow patients’ pathways.

I am very excited about these opportunities and I invite you to contact me for further discussion.


Kjetil Nilsen, President of Sectra Canada