Sectra Implant Movement Analysis

Find out if an implant is loose before surgery

With Sectra Implant Movement Analysis (IMA), surgeons can more accurately determine whether an implant is loose with the help of two CT scans. This helps surgeons to detect loose implants and pseudarthrosis at an earlier stage and potentially avoid unnecessary surgery. If it is determined that surgery is needed, IMA provides data that enables a better estimate of the surgery time. Ultimately, this results in less suffering for patients and increased efficiency in healthcare.

IMA is a big step forward in terms of being able to evaluate whether a hip implant is loose before going into the operating room. The method will also be easily accessible since the examination can be performed at the local hospital, while the actual analysis is carried out centrally.

Per Wretenberg, Professor of Orthopaedics at Örebro University Hospital

How it works

Two images of the patient are taken with a low-dose CT-protocol. For patients with hip or knee replacements, a CT scan with internal and external hip rotation is required. For patients with spine implants, one CT scan in flexion and one in extension are required. Thereafter, specially trained radiologists analyze the images using the Sectra IMA® software.

The IMA analysis will answer the question as to whether there is a loose implant or pseudarthrosis. The referral also includes images where it is possible to see exactly how and where the implant is moving. This helps the surgeon to better prepare for surgery.

Sectra IMA® is primarily suitable for patients with hip, knee or spine implants.

Key benefits

  • Supports the surgeon when deciding whether surgery will help the patient as well as which patients to prioritize when surgery is needed.
  • Confirming loose implants or pseudarthrosis at an early stage is beneficial for the patient, the surgeon, and the entire healthcare system.
  • The IMA analysis can be used for newly operated patients as well as patients suffering from chronic pain for a long period of time.
  • If an implant is confirmed to be loose, the surgeon can use the referral and the images included when planning the surgery.
  • In cases where the implant is not loose, patients can avoid unnecessary and risky surgeries.


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