Sectra One Cloud Storage

Data should be kept secret. Storage costs shouldn’t.

Scalable and secure data storage using cutting-edge technology in the cloud

The demand for data storage is ever-increasing, but that doesn’t mean the strain on you has to. With our scalable and secure hybrid storage solution, you can keep up with the rapid growth and increasing complexity of data archiving needs while lowering costs.

Sectra One Cloud Storage is a hybrid storage solution that connects your local Sectra long-term storage server to the storage area in Microsoft Azure. Modalities send data to the local short-term storage (STS), which is then archived in the long-term storage (LTS) in Azure.

Invest in what matters

We want you to be able to focus on the important things. Because our solution is so simple, you’ll be able to devote less time and money to hardware management and more to things that directly benefit your clinicians.

Future-proof your storage

The flexibility of the Sectra One Cloud Storage pricing, combined with dynamic scalability, ensures that you always have the optimal amount of storage.

Ease your transition

A hybrid model is a great place to begin when transitioning to the cloud. Start with Sectra One Cloud Storage and then continue your journey when the time comes.

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Cutting-edge cloud technology

You’ll always have access to the latest technologies with cloud storage. Blob storage is utilized in our service to store data in high-performance, scalable solutions that—thanks to redundancy across availability zones—allow for quick data recovery in the event of a disk failure.


We take full responsibility

Everything IT-related is taken care of by us, including managing the service in Azure and assisting with the transition from your local storage solution to cloud storage. The only thing you need to take care of is the connection to the cloud.

Only pay for what you use

We believe the only thing that should be kept private is your data, which is why we guarantee no hidden fees and offer flexible, usage-based pricing. By matching your spending to your consumption, you’ll never overpay for data storage.

Making it a reality

Your storage solution will be up and running in no time with our seamless deployment. We set up the Azure cloud environment, as well as assist with connectivity and performance, technical service, and data migration to the cloud.

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