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The future of ophthalmic imaging

Keep an eye out for our newest enterprise imaging addition

Available in the autumn of 2022

We have decided to expand our enterprise imaging portfolio with the addition of ophthalmology, a medical specialty that relies heavily on imaging to treat eye disorders. As new technologies emerge and complexity grows, we are leveraging our experience and existing software solutions to develop a modern, fast, and vendor-neutral ophthalmology imaging solution.

We invite you to experience the future of ophthalmic imaging. In collaboration with a large health system in the United States, we are developing our enterprise platform as well as diagnostic and clinical tools, to harmonize image management in eye care. The solution is designed with your needs in mind, reducing complexity by consolidating a previously fragmented storage infrastructure, allowing clinical users to enjoy fast and easy-to-use tools, and providing complete access to all of the patients’ ophthalmic images and reports from a single application. We are pleased to announce that the first implementation was well received by end users, and that the solution will be available to the general market during the autumn of 2022.

Enterprise workflows

As ophthalmic images are often stored in various solutions around the department, switching to the Sectra VNA helps to harmonize data, remove silos, and secure availability of images in ophthalmology clinical workflows.

One login for all images

Our solution provides users with access to all images and reports, as well as diagnostic review tools, from the same application.


Add pixels to your EMR

The Sectra VNA integrates with the EMR and increases the availability of images and reports, providing physicians with better information to plan the next step in the patient pathway.

Supported image formats

The Sectra solution supports most image formats, with DICOM being the preferred format, and many other standard formats can be imported and converted into DICOM. In addition to importing files generated by legacy modalities, images and videos can be captured and securely uploaded from mobile devices, providing a convenient option for external photography.

New fast and easy-to-use tools for ophthalmic imaging

  • Smart mouse navigation through a study or between different studies
  • Same navigation for both images and PDF reports (e.g. visual field)
  • Quick OD/OS/OU layout switches
  • OCT display with fundus localizer
  • OCT axial stretching
  • Fundus RGB channel filters
  • Fundus gamma adjustment
  • Fundus montage
  • PDT measurement
  • ETDRS measurement
  • Cup-to-disk ratio

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