Partnering with Sectra

Join Sectra's Clinical Solutions Network

Sectra has a number of different partnerships, including distribution partners, research partners, and clinical solution partners. Sectra’s Clinical Solution Network™, Sectra CSN™, is a network of research partners and clinical solution partners. Thanks to this network we give customers the freedom to choose the application relevant to their particular medical field integrated into a single platform. On this page we describe how you can become one of the partners in Sectra CSN.






Expand your business and reduce your time to market

We provide the opportunity to tightly integrate your clinical applications with Sectra PACS™ workstations used by thousands of radiology and clinical professionals around the world. Sectra solution partners offer a wide range of solutions tightly integrated to Sectra PACS enabling customers to choose from a variety of imaging providers in the medical field. The result is added value for the customers and increased sales for your company.

Your potential new market is Sectra’s installed customer base. Sectra is a world leader within medical imaging IT and one of the fastest growing PACS companies, with thousands of workstations installed.

As we offer the complete PACS infrastructure, you can concentrate your development efforts on your core business; advanced clinical applications.

With Sectra Medical Interfaces™, we give you the framework for rapid development which will reduce your development costs.

Transform research into clinical content

Sectra partners within research are provided with an easy, effective mechanism to gather and maintain DICOM image data in a clinical environment. Through membership in the Sectra Clinical Solutions Network, researchers can build imaging applications and tools while tightly integrating these solutions with Sectra PACS workstations, making them available on the desktop. The Sectra CSN development platform is an easy, safe and fast way to transform research into clinical content.






The Sectra Clinical Application Interface™ is the developer’s backstage pass to advanced medical plug-ins, on the Sectra Workstation platform. To ensure that developers become productive with a minimum of training, the API is based on COM and ActiveX technology, using similar design as Microsoft. As a member you get:

  • Access to the Sectra Medical Interfaces
  • Access to the latest Sectra PACS software to test your application
  • Support over email
  • Technical notes and information from Sectra

Sectra has always lead the way towards open architecture in PACS. We released our first API (RIS integration) in 1992, opening up for RIS vendors to produce tight PACS–RIS integrations. Since then, the portfolio of open interfaces has grown to embrace desktop integration, integration with dictation systems, and the latest contribution Sectra Clinical Application Interface — allowing other vendors to develop special applications for the Sectra Workstation.






Instructions for membership application

To apply for membership in the Sectra Clinical Solutions Network, please:

Sectra will review your application and if you are accepted as a Member, we will send you a confirmation of acceptance, a signed copy of the CSN Agreement, together with more information about your benefits as a CSN Member.

You will be a Member of the CSN Program from the date of Sectra’s signing of the CSN Agreement.

Please note:
As a Member you are bound by the CSN Agreement as well as our General Terms and Conditions for Software License. It is therefore important that you read through these documents carefully before you apply for membership.