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Supporting radiology in exceeding the expectations of referring physicians and their patients

A comprehensive radiology solution that streamlines the complete radiology workflow—from order management to report distribution, teaching, and quality improvement. It integrates seamlessly with surrounding IT solutions—such as the EMR, RIS, and VNA—to give you access to the complete patient record whenever and wherever needed. It lets you, as a radiologist, perform all daily tasks from a single diagnostic application.

A radiology imaging solution from Sectra lets you manage sub-specialization, reduce report turnaround times, and improve request and result distribution workflows. You can also improve communication and dialog between radiology and referring units as well as with other disciplines, such as pathology. With industry-leading system uptime, the solution is designed for high-production environments where radiology services are critical. Sectra handles all radiology workflows, and has a strategic focus on supporting radiology in improving cancer care.

Selection of common use cases
Selection of common use cases

Single point of access to all the information you need

A solution designed to optimize radiology reading efficiency ensures quick and easy access to relevant priors together with the current request and images. It lets you document your findings in direct connection with the image review, with no extra mouse clicks. Through integrated clinical applications in combination with native tools, it solves most of your everyday needs in a single application—including both diagnostic and interventional radiology needs.

Read all breast imaging from a single workstation

A comprehensive breast imaging solution lets you work from a single application whether you’re reading 2D mammograms, digital breast tomosynthesis, ultrasound, or MRI exams—or even want to bring up digital pathology images at your tumor board meeting. It provides all the tools needed for high-volume mammography screening and advanced diagnostic breast imaging workflows.

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Increase efficiency using innovative tools in 2D and 3D

Fast access to advanced measurements within the field of MSK radiology will save both you and your orthopaedic colleagues’ valuable time. With Sectra’s toolbox for MSK radiology, these measurements can quickly be displayed in 2D as well as 3D—adding an extra layer of understanding and supporting meaningful discussions. Having access to all the tools directly in the PACS will streamline the workflow, with time savings and faster diagnosis as a result.

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Reduce complexity and eliminate silos

Sectra’s enterprise imaging offering reduces total cost of ownership through its modular design. It lets you start with a single building block, and—by adding modules as needed—expanding from that single department to a wider solution. By adding VNA modules to your Sectra PACS, the solution can easily be expanded to a full-blown VNA in a grow-as-you-go method. And without any interruption or change to the existing radiology workflow. Using our universal viewer, authorized users can also access the complete patient record from anywhere in the enterprise.

Designed to evolve along with your needs

With a modular solution built on open standards, you don’t have to choose between deconstructing our solution and implementing a single vendor’s solution. By maintaining your freedom to add or remove modules as your organization’s needs evolve, you make your solution “deconstructable”—avoiding vendor lock-in as well as the disadvantages of a deconstructed solution. Scale your radiology solution up or down from a diagnostic viewer to your existing workflow solution, to a full-blown radiology solution for image-close reporting with support for sub-specialization—or even to an enterprise imaging solution for all your imaging needs.

Combining forces to improve patient outcomes

Transparency and collaboration between disciplines speed up diagnosis and improve precision, which is especially important in cancer care. Having not only all radiology-related data but also e.g. digital pathology and nuclear medicine images available in the same viewer, you get a broader patient overview and efficient correlation of findings between departments. Not to mention, more efficient multidisciplinary tumor board meetings.

Always have the right images and information close at hand

By preparing multidisciplinary tumor board meetings directly in the regular reading workflow, you can greatly increase efficiency. For example, annotations and image settings performed during the review are automatically applied and easily shown during the meeting. You can also quickly show related images or make adjustments to an image during the actual discussion. In addition, other types of patient data such as pathology images, documents, videos, and photos can be displayed side by side with the radiology images.

Vendor-neutrality and multi-modality support is key

Whether you run a teleradiology service, receive priors from other organizations, or provide second opinions, being able to display images from different modalities and vendors is vital. As is connecting patient data with multiple patient identifiers. A vendor-neutral solution with multi-modality support helps you build highly efficient reading workflows.

Sharing made easy

Engage with and empower your patients by giving them easy yet secure access to their own images–or let them upload prior images to you. You can also share images with, for instance, insurance companies and law firms in legal cases, removing the need for bulky and costly alternative solutions, such as sending CDs.

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Seamless integration of AI into existing workflows

Sectra Amplifier Services makes it easy to choose from different applications, connect to them securely, and gain instant access to AI in your diagnostic workflow. The Sectra Amplifier Marketplace offers a wide range of validated applications for different use cases that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow to improve performance and productivity.

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