Podcast—Let's talk enterprise imaging

How a leading US academic medical center moved their imaging to the cloud

Transitioning enterprise imaging to the cloud is top of mind in many healthcare organizations. With cloud adoption comes change, but with the right vendor, change also brings opportunity. How do you find the right vendor to trust and partner with? Bill Russell of This Week Health talks with Stacie Barnard of the University of Rochester Medical Center about choosing the right vendor and the importance of internal buy-in.


  • [01:08] Stacie explains her role at the University of Rochester, the scope of the medical center, and why the old technology they were using needed to be replaced
  • [06:28] Stacie describes the process of selecting a new enterprise imaging vendor and the  “go-live” date
  • [10:09] Stacie talks about the importance of redundancy and security when transitioning to the cloud
  • [12:49] Selection of Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution and compliance with the governance process
  • [17:47] Stacie explains the approach to making the on-premises-to-cloud transition as smooth as possible for the IT staff and end users
  • [20:47] Stacie offers advice to other healthcare organizations looking to move their imaging to the cloud



  • It is easier to convert the users of an old system to new technology when they can see how that technology will positively impact their daily work.
  • When moving imaging to the cloud, it is critical to partner with a vendor you can trust, as well as one that is innovative and constantly evolving their offering.
  • Cloud is new to many healthcare organizations. Look for a vendor who has expertise and years of experience delivering software as a service.


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