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Technical support, system maintenance, monitoring, integrations, and customer training

Since medical imaging IT solutions are mission critical, we have designed our solutions to ensure the highest availability on the market. We also possess the in-depth knowledge required to let you get the most out of your investment. Our customer-focused service and support engineers are highly skilled in all aspects of IT, and are the ultimate specialists when it comes to taking care of your Sectra system. We provide strategic planning, process transformation, workflow optimization, and systems integration to take your operations to the next level.

What we appreciate about Sectra is their dedication to customer service and giving us the best service that they can. They really seem to care about what the customer wants and needs.

PACS administrator and IT applications manager at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care, USA

Service is exemplary. I appreciate Sectra because they are responsive. They hire people that are very engaged.

The Chairman of Radiology for Hospital for Special Surgery, USA
Our services include:
Our services include:

Our customer-focused service and support engineers are highly skilled in all aspects of IT, and are the ultimate specialists when it comes to taking care of your system, 24/7. In order to be proactive, we offer remote control of your servers and of the end-users’ desktops. Our support team is at your disposal for real-time resolution of your problems and to answer your questions. Please find contact details to customer support, global or local, here.

As our customer, you also have access to the same set of services that our engineers are using. You can access all the documentation, retrieve the latest information and utilities and view your helpdesk tickets through our portal: My Sectra

Sectra’s foremost objective is to provide systems with the highest availability to not disrupt your operations. Our system-architecture experts design your system with your unique situation in mind. Our scope varies from a single-server solution to very high availability solutions. And if your system should go down, you will need rapid recovery of data and functionality. Our disaster recovery service offers database backups, a complete mirror copy of all archived data and rapid restoration of operation should a system break down.

Our 24/7 cost-efficient remote monitoring service makes it possible to detect your potential problems even before you have noticed any effect. The service enables automatic alert escalation warnings about potential issues such as full disks or fail backup. Furthermore, we provide statistics for trend analysis of your system, thus revealing trends and identifying bottlenecks before they become a problem. All in all, our proactive services prevent unnecessary interruptions in your mission-critical operation.

Product leaflet: Sectra Monitoring Service

For optimal workflow through the whole enterprise, integration is a must. Sectra enables your imaging solution to exist in symbiosis with your other IT systems. Based on open architecture, Sectra’s solutions can integrate with your surrounding IT systems such as RIS and EMR systems, dictation systems, and systems for monitoring and management. We have a proven ability to implement integrations on various levels for varying needs: system-to-system, enterprise-to-enterprise, a wide range of applications, web service integrations, as well as patient service integrations.

Sectra PACS and RIS support established standards within healthcare, such as DICOM and HL7. It also conforms to the IHE MAMMO and the IHE MAMMO TOMO profile.  In addition, Sectra’s imaging solution supports storage of any DICOM SOP class.

Sectra’s imaging solutions are modality vendor neutral and we provide interfaces to all of the common modalities on the market. During the years we have collected a vast experience in connecting modalities through DICOM and proprietary solutions. This means that Sectra has a library of software modality interfaces that can be used in your project. We also cooperate with a number of vendors that provide specific modality interfaces, all with the purpose of solving the specific problems that arise in an imaging project.


  • Sectra works with iNTERFACEWARE for native HL7 support
  • Sectra works with Forcare for XDS-I support

Sectra offers courses for a vast range of roles using Sectra medical IT systems, from beginner to experienced professional. Our aim is for you to be able to use your Sectra system as effectively as possible in you daily work.

For information about training in your local area, please contact your local Sectra representative.

We offer flexible solutions to ensure that you are supported the way that suits you. We provide cost-efficient system-administration service, either on a remote basis or onsite, to facilitate efficient operation for your users.