Enterprise imaging platform

No more silos—capture, store and access all medical multimedia

Consolidate the management of all your medical images and multimedia to reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure, as well as improve clinical workflow efficiency and patient outcomes. By removing your information silos, you can easily access and share all relevant patient information across the entire clinical pathway, improving collaboration and shortening lead times. A central approach to data also enables enterprise-level management of disaster recovery, business intelligence, and machine learning initiatives.

Selection of common use cases
Selection of common use cases

Be in control—now and in the future

The enterprise imaging platform lets you consolidate your image management. It is both workflow-vendor independent and storage-agnostic. In other words, it supports your existing or future IT strategy—regardless of your choice of vendor and whether your storage is local, central, or cloud-based.

No more information isolated in silos

A key driver behind Sectra Enterprise Image Management is image-enabling the EMR to solve the problem of information trapped in isolated silos. Coupling Sectra VNA with a universal viewer that can instantly display the content of the archive—embedded in your EMR—gives you a solution with minimum integration points.

Grow your PACS into a VNA at your own pace

By adding VNA modules to an existing Sectra PACS, the solution can easily be expanded to a full-blown VNA in a grow-as-you-go method. And without any interruption or change to the existing radiology workflow.

Single point of access for higher efficiency and better outcomes

Sectra’s solution lets you easily access and share all relevant information across the entire clinical pathway. With a single point of access to the complete patient record, you can improve both operational efficiency and clinical outcomes.

Combining forces to improve patient outcomes

Sectra’s enterprise imaging platform and department workflow solutions are all built on the same IT infrastructure. This enables efficient, integrated diagnostic workflows, between departments such as radiology and pathology. This is especially important, for example, in cancer care pathways where many disciplines are involved.

Take advantage of new analytic possibilities

With the rapid development of machine learning applications, imaging data can turn into a true goldmine. By making your organization’s imaging data accessible from a single storage point, you can unlock previously unseen analytic possibilities, including clinical decision support for precision and personalized medicine.

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