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Sectra’s enterprise imaging portfolio gives you a unified strategy for all your imaging needs, and lets you improve patient outcome while lowering operational costs.

With our solutions, you can reduce the number of systems while providing top-of-the-line diagnostic capabilities spanning both image-intense departments such as radiology, breast imaging, pathology, orthopaedics, and cardiology as well as the needs of dermatology and ophthalmology among others.

In short, our offering lets you capture, store, access, share, and collaborate around medical multimedia throughout the entire enterprise and beyond.

Reduce operational costs and risk

  • Consolidating your image management means fewer systems and integrations—and lower costs.
  • Vendor-neutral archiving of DICOM and non-DICOM images, videos, and documents as well as other data avoids future migrations and vendor lock-in.
  • Our scalable and modular solution lets you grow from ology to ology and from enterprise to enterprise—helping you reduce risk and better control costs. You’re free to add or remove modules as your organization’s needs evolve.

Increase clinical workflow efficiency

  • A single point of access to all images, video, and data reduces the need to switch between applications.
  • The extensive toolset and portfolio of clinical applications reduce the need for third-party specialized applications—for lower cost and faster diagnosis.
  • Our suite of diagnostic applications enables efficient clinical workflows in the most image-intense departments.
  • Sectra’s solutions are all built on the same technical platform, enabling cross-departmental collaboration and integrated diagnostic workflows.

Improve patient outcome

  • Together with a powerful set of diagnostic applications, consolidated access to all images and data leads to faster and more precise decisions, which can improve patient outcomes.
  • With all information available, also from previous exams and patient encounters, you can cut down on unnecessary exams.
  • Access to images, videos, and documents from a platform-independent, zero-footprint viewer makes communication with patients easier.
  • With efficient means for sharing images, collaboration is made more efficient, which can improve patient outcomes. Giving patients access to their own images also increases patient engagement.

Optimize care pathways

  • A shared platform enables multi-disciplinary collaboration and integrated diagnostic workflows—especially important in cancer care.
  • A large portfolio of clinical applications targeted at oncology workflows increases clinical efficiency.
  • Powerful yet simple workflow management tools make requests and reports available to the right person according to priorities based on SLAs or urgency, for example. This reduces the time spent in the overall care pathways.
Sectra portfolio overview
Sectra portfolio overview

Supporting radiology in exceeding the expectations of referring physicians and their patients

A comprehensive radiology solution streamlines the complete radiology workflow—from order management to report distribution, teaching, and quality improvement. It integrates seamlessly with surrounding IT solutions—such as the EMR, RIS, and VNA—to give you access to the complete patient record whenever and wherever needed. It lets you, as a radiologist, perform all your everyday tasks from a single diagnostic application.

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Comprehensive breast imaging for efficient screening and diagnostic workflows

A comprehensive breast imaging solution lets you work from a single workstation whether you’re reading 2D mammograms, digital breast tomosynthesis, ultrasound, or MRI exams—or even want to bring up digital pathology images at your tumor board meeting. It gives you all the tools you need for high-volume mammography screening and advanced diagnostic breast imaging workflows. With a solution that provides the best possible reader experience and helps you streamline the mammography workflow, you can focus on your work-ups without wasting time waiting for images or information.

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Digital pathology improves quality, heightens efficiency, and sharpens performance

Digital pathology gives functionality far beyond the microscope. Without the need for physical glass slides, you get access to current and historical images—from anywhere and at any time. Your computer also handles time-consuming tasks so you spend more time actually reviewing cases. What’s more, with the digitization of pathology, second opinions, external reading resources, and specialists are just a mouse click away. Digitization also makes integrated diagnostic workflows possible, improving collaboration with other medical disciplines.

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Consolidate your cardiology imaging for increased review efficiency and improved collaboration

Reviewing the most common cardiovascular procedures from a single workstation helps you increase reading efficiency greatly. With a consolidated, enterprise imaging approach to cardiology, you also decrease the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure, as well as getting a more comprehensive patient overview. What’s more, the patient care team can access patient information across clinical specialties, helping improve collaboration and clinical outcomes.

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Reduce eye care complexity—store, share and view with a single solution

Our solution for ophthalmology imaging improves everyday workflows and allows you to spend more time where it matters most. Sectra Enterprise Imaging for ophthalmology is designed with your needs in mind, providing complete access to all of the patients’ ophthalmic images and reports from a single application.

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No more silos—capture, store and access all medical multimedia

Consolidate the management of all your medical images and multimedia to reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure, as well as improve clinical workflow efficiency and patient outcomes. By removing your information silos, you can easily access and share all relevant patient information across the entire clinical pathway, improving collaboration and shortening lead times. A central approach to data also enables enterprise-level management of disaster recovery, business intelligence, and machine learning initiatives.

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Capture medical images and videos from any device

Increase encounter-based imaging flexibility by using mobile devices, camera equipment, or non-DICOM modalities, while lowering the risk of images being left open on storage units. Uploading and distributing photography, video, and documents is made simple, fast, and secure with the Sectra enterprise capture software module.   

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Share images, resources, and competences securely with anyone

Sharing or collaborating with others around patient images doesn’t have to be time-consuming and costly. In fact, with the right solution for information exchange, it is easy and simple—whether you need to share information with someone on a single occasion, or want to collaborate more tightly around resources and patients. You can efficiently and securely share and collaborate around all types of medical images, including digital pathology cases—with no more need to produce and send CDs, USB drives, or paper copies.

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Helping medical imaging professionals to accomplish more

Augment workflows, reviews, and reporting through artificial intelligence (AI)—seamlessly integrated with your existing enterprise imaging solution. The potential for AI to improve performance and productivity in diagnostic imaging is tremendous. Whether applied to radiology, pathology, cardiology, or any other diagnostic profession, AI should improve accuracy and efficiency for end users. When targeting everyday clinical use cases, integration into existing workflows is key—as is fast and secure access to best-of-breed AI technology.

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Plan before surgery and cut time spent in the operating theatre

Modern planning systems with 2D and 3D images let orthopaedic surgeons diagnose and plan orthopaedic procedures—for instance knee, hip and complex trauma surgery—with greater accuracy and confidence. With increased precision in planning and more advance preparations, surgeons and operating teams can reduce stress, save time, and minimize risk during surgery. For the patients, planning reduces the risk of postoperative complications. For hospitals, it creates a well-documented workflow to meet regulatory demands and improves the teaching facilities.

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Enhancing medical education and training through visualization

When you interact with virtual representations of real-life bodies based on clinical imaging, you get a deeper understanding and insight into anatomy, as well as the functions and processes inside the body. Sectra Education boosts medical education and clinical training at leading institutions and hospitals all over the world using real-life clinical data.

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