Sectra 3D Joint Replacement

Increase accuracy in joint replacement with 3D planning

Sectra’s 3D Joint Replacement solution lets surgeons easily plan complex arthroplasties. The 3D views and dedicated orthopaedic tools allow for increased accuracy in implant sizing, angle measurements and surgical approach. Surgeons can now study the patient’s anatomy, and plan for surgery, in ways that are simply not possible using today’s standard 2D images. This can ultimately lead to less time in the operating room and improved surgical outcomes.

With Sectra’s 3D Joint Replacement solution, surgeons can gain advantages that prove highly beneficial for their patients. The intuitive tools enable a quick learning curve, while template and angle measurement functions speed up the process of planning through simultaneous use of 3D and MPR views. 3D joint planning also seamlessly removes potential calibration issues and errors, as CT data visualizes true size automatically, improving accuracy in implant selection even further.

Improved pre-operative planning for revision cases

The solution allows surgeons to temporarily hide metal while doing their pre-operative plans. This is especially beneficial for revision cases, where pre-existing implants can otherwise obscure the overall 3D plan. The segmentation and clip plane functions serve to hide bone or other structures that may additionally draw focus away from what is most important.

Flexible delivery and access

Sectra’s pre-op planning solutions are provided as a PACS-independent web-accessible service, or as a completely integrated add-on to Sectra PACS. For full flexibility, you can access the system from any computer in the hospital network and even from home.

Efficient tools for pre-op planning
Efficient tools for pre-op planning

The 3D hip guide assists the surgeon in the efficient placement of hip plan components within the 3D view. By using the available tools in the MPR views, the optimal implant position and sizing is truly possible. Automatic calculation of leg length discrepancy (LLD), as well as cup inclination and anteversion, provides another layer surgeon confidence.

Gleniod guide to measure true 3D glenoid version and inclination. Precise placement can be done easily by using MPR views.

The transparency mode enables visualization of the planned implants, making it easier to map placement and size of acetabular cups and screws.

The fluoroscopy mode simulates the perioperative view most common during surgery. The view can be used as a reference when placing screws or other materials.

The 3D joint replacement solution provided by Sectra allows surgeons to temporarily hide existing metal while doing their pre-operative planning.

Angles, distances and offsets can be measured in 3D, while avoiding the projection errors 2D images are often subject to. This error avoidance is due to the removal of projection effects and the non-optimal patient positioning that accompanies many 2D images. When taking measurements, the surgeon can use the MPR views to fine tune the placement of each desired point.

Examples of measurements:

  • Offset
  • Glenoid anteversion
  • Tibial torsion
  • Femoral mechanical axis to neck angle
  • TT-TG

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) measurements are usually a time-consuming and challenging part of the workflow. Sectra 3D Joint Replacement feature tools specialized for FAI, and provides access to valuable 3D angles — such as Tönnis and Center Edge Acetabular Version, as well as Alpha, Beta and CCD — with just a few mouse clicks.


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