Sectra UniView

A light, yet powerful universal viewer

Enables secure and instant access to medical images, documents, requests and reports

Sectra UniView is a zero-footprint web viewer that lets you view and interact with medical images at high speed, whether it’s radiology images, non-DICOM images, videos—or even whole slide pathology images. With an intuitive user interface and a powerful enterprise-wide search functionality, you can search for information in a Google-like manner and get quick and secure access to images and related patient information from any device or embedded in your EMR. Ultimately, this allows for faster and more accurate decisions, meetings with patients are enriched, and it gets easier to ask for peer reviews, even when colleagues are working from home or other sites.

With Sectra UniView I have quick and easy access to the images wherever I go, making it much easier for me to meet and discuss cases with both patients and colleagues.

Pediatrician and CMIO OLVG, the Netherlands

We’re always trying to make image access and viewing easier for all of our user types. This really does that. It’s a great product.

PACS Administrator at Memorial Hospital, Gulfport, USA

Patient-centric overview for better care

Sectra UniView gives you a complete overview of the entire medical history of a patient—including radiology and pathology images, non-DICOM files such as photos and videos, as well as requests, reports, and related medical documents. With easy access to the complete patient overview, you can reach faster and more accurate decisions, for instance in cancer patient cases.

Enterprise viewer to image-enable your EMR

Sectra UniView solves the problem with information trapped in isolated department silos by image-enabling the EMR. It does this either thanks to its advanced integration capabilities, by using secure URL calls, or by embedding the viewer directly in the EMR.

Sectra UniView can also act as a WADO or XDS consumer to easily, quickly, and efficiently display information from all external systems within the enterprise.

High standards for safety, security, and availability

As part of the Sectra Enterprise Image Management infrastructure, Sectra UniView complies with the same high standards for safety, security, and availability as the other modules included in the enterprise platform. For instance, no patient data is cached on clients, secure protocols are used for communication that ensure safe and secure information handling, and the solution supports authentication and authorization via federated login methods. In addition, Sectra UniView supports clinical access control with patient lock, block, and break glass functionality.

Zero deployment and end-user training

Sectra UniView is designed for cost-efficient deployment and easy scale-out. No local installation or download is needed. It supports both touch-based input, as well as mouse and keyboard, for use on mobile devices or desktops.

The viewer is built on a modern platform and with its intuitive user interface, no end-user application training is needed.

More features and benefits

  • True universal enterprise viewer with multi-image and multi-medical discipline comparison capabilities, including full support for whole slide pathology imaging. Enabling integrated diagnostic workflows.
  • Runs on all HTML5 browsers.
  • Mobile camera capture and image upload functionality embedded directly into the VNA.
  • Single sign-on with flexibility to adapt to EMR security algorithm, e.g. SAML, including federated authentication and authorization.
  • Offers a selection of interaction tools, such as zoom, pan, window/level, and scroll. But also advanced tools including 3D rendering support and anatomic reference line navigation through image stacks with different orientation.


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