Medical education

Enhancing medical education and training through visualization

When you interact with virtual representations of real-life bodies based on clinical imaging, you get a deeper understanding and insight into anatomy, as well as the functions and processes inside the body.

Sectra Education boosts medical education and clinical training at leading institutions and hospitals all over the world using real-life clinical data. Our teaching platform, Sectra Education Portal, lets you access a growing library of quality-assured, premium teaching content from top institutions around the world. This allows teachers, tutors, residents, and students to visualize data from radiology and histology exams during courses and trainings scenarios.

Course material and scenarios are securely stored, continuously backed up, and accessible 24/7 via a Sectra Terminal, such as the Sectra Table or Sectra Board. Or you can access them using personal computers and mobile devices.

Our solution ties in normal anatomy, pathology, trauma, orthopedics, histology, oncology, surgery, and other specialties. The result is medical education in actual clinical situations, revealing the central role radiology and histology plays throughout the patient pathway.

Selection of common use cases
Selection of common use cases

Learning from real life

Teach anatomy based on real-life patient situations by visualizing data from multiple imaging modalities, such as radiology, histology, and ultrasound. By incorporating multiple modalities in teaching scenarios, students get a realistic learning experience.

High-res images—anywhere, anytime

View and share high-resolution histopathology slides on multiple devices—from any location at any time.

Preparing for a career in radiology

Give your students the opportunity to learn how to read 2D radiology images by cross-referencing radiology cases in 2D/3D, preparing students for their future line of work.

Teach surgical procedures and how to plan them

Residents can visualize pre-op and post-op patient cases to help teach and plan surgical procedures.

Also, using the Sectra 3D Ortho tool, you can teach surgery procedures related to orthopedic trauma.

Access and share imaging of different species

Visualize, study, and share teaching material based on medical imaging of different animal species. Share your own cases and access others from a growing number of veterinary institutions around the world.

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