Sectra Reporting

All-in-one reporting

Fast and intuitive. Designed to keep your eyes on the images. Deliver exceptional value to referring physicians with accurate, actionable, insightful reports—every time.


Our platform is built for speed. You see precisely what you need—no more, no less. The most important information loads quickly, thanks to a responsive UI that keeps up with you.


We’ve put everything right where you’d expect to find it. With built-in end-user training, our platform makes sure that every feature gets used. It’s as intuitive as it gets, making each action feel like second nature.


Our system adapts reports for each user, keeping things clear and impactful. Packed with images, sketches, tables, and clickable links, you’ll have instant access to the key findings and insights you need. We deliver exactly what matters most to make informed decisions quickly and easily.

Input, customized.

Dictate findings for accurate report transcription using voice recognition, and streamline the process with customized shortcuts for text insertion, formatting, and navigation. Auto-populate references and measurements while enriching reports with one-click hyperlinks to image series for instant access to deeper insights.

Navigate, smoothly.

Smoothly navigate reports using voice commands, buttons, or keyboard shortcuts, including tab, arrows, and mouse support, for streamlined and fast report completion.

Sharing, simplified.

With Sectra UniView, integrate findings and images into clear, actionable reports. Share with a signature, ensuring your insights reach where they’re needed, now.

Peer review, streamlined.

Sectra Reporting’s peer review feature lets reporters tag cases for review with a single click, automatically adding them to a worklist. Reviewers can provide feedback just as easily. Upon opening the case, the reporter sees the outcome and can track changes through version history, helping raise quality standards via structured feedback on diagnostic reads.



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