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Product | Orthopaedics
Product | Orthopaedics
Sectra 3D Print
Printing orthopaedic cases in 3D offers several benefits. A printed 3D model allows for further surgical planning after a pre-operative plan has been created and can be used for educational purposes,...
Product | Orthopaedics
Product | Orthopaedics
Dental radiology is following the enterprise imaging trend
We spoke at length with lecturer and physicist Gerald Torgersen along with Linda Arvidsson and Ulf Riis, maxillofacial radiologists at the Department of Maxillofacial Radiology, part of the Institute...
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Orthopedic hospital with production and quality of care in focus
Istituto Ortopedico Galeazzi is a private hospital in Milan dedicated to orthopedic procedures. They perform approximately 100,000 examinations and 15,000 surgeries annually. As a production-oriented...
Case | Orthopaedics
Webinar: Benefits of 3D planning in advanced THA — Example cases
Using 3D images during preoperative planning enables orthopaedic surgeons to study the patient’s anatomy and plan for surgery in ways that are not possible using today’s standard 2D images. Associ...
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Introduction to the DICOM standard for digital pathology and its importance for workflow efficiency
Digital pathology is proving to provide large benefits for healthcare providers, but growing adoption is now presenting these early adopters with new challenges. The ability of slide scanners to commu...
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Implementing AI in pathology practice
In 2016, we at Sectra implemented our first image-based AI application in routine diagnostics at several labs. It was a computer aided detection tool, a KI67 cell counter that classifies positive and...
Industry reflections | Digital pathology | AI in medical imaging
Industry reflections | Enterprise imaging | AI in medical imaging | Breast imaging | Cardiology imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise platform | Medical education | Radiology imaging
Visualization for radiologist efficiency
Visualization tools are becoming increasingly important in the radiology department. However, when words like 3D and MPR are mentioned most people’s thoughts go directly to advanced visualization ap...
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Research at Sectra
Innovation is part of Sectra’s identity. Ever since the company was spun off from the Institute of Technology at Linköping University in the late 1970s, scientific advances have formed the basis fo...
RSNA 2019 market report—the top trends you should know about
Yet another RSNA has passed and we can conclude that this year there were not any new major trends, rather incremental developments of existing trends. Enterprise imaging (EI), AI and workflow orchest...
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging | AI in medical imaging | Breast imaging | Enterprise imaging
Hip dysplasia measurement speed increased by over 10x—a study of 65 patients
There is an increasing emphasis on adding quantitative data to imaging. This improves not only individual patient care but also reproducibility and enables general healthcare outcomes to be measured....
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AAOS 2024
We welcome you to join Sectra at AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons) 2024. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website.
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AAHKS 2023
We welcome you to join Sectra at AAHKS ( American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons) 2023. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website.
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AAHKS 2024
We welcome you to join Sectra at AAHKS ( American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons) 2024. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website.
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NOF 2024
We welcome you to join Sectra at NOF (Nordic Orthopaedic Federation) 2024. For more information about the event and to register, visit the official event website.
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The VNA in Region Stockholm is paving the way for the future of enterprise imaging
Many healthcare providers are currently adopting enterprise imaging systems to facilitate collaboration and increase efficiency in the sharing of medical images. Although not many have reached full ...
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PACS & EMR integration: Carilion Clinic improves speed, connectivity and access
It was early 2015 when the team at Carilion Clinic decided they had outgrown their PACS and needed to replace their decade-old system. Software lockups were all too common, and they needed to amp up t...
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Key considerations when choosing a breast imaging PACS supplier
“Change is good, but be prepared,” says Dr. Stamatia Destounis at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care in Rochester, New York. She bases this piece of advice on the knowledge she gained when the clinic mad...
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Key considerations when replacing your RIS/PACS
Few will dispute that implementing a first-time RIS/PACS makes great business and clinical sense, but how about replacing a RIS/PACS? On the “income side”, it’s pretty straightforward. Not all s...
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New cardiac cath lab embraces enterprise imaging
When the cardiac and neurovascular catheterization lab at Riverside University Health System Medical Center (RUHS-MC) treated its first patient last February, the opening represented many things to ma...
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An imaging system providing “flow” in radiology diagnostics
In 2017, the South African private radiology chain Maine Radiology selected Sectra to provide a central enterprise imaging system to be used by four of the chain’s clinics. Utilizing a single common...
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Comprehensive medical education solution inspires teachers and students while further perfecting blended learning
Back in 2016, as part of the renovation of the dissection room at Newcastle University, a decision was made to also upgrade the equipment in the room in order to uphold the university’s commitment t...
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Pathology goes digital—what can we learn from radiology's journey? 5 tips from UK radiologists
Pathology is embarking on a similar digitization journey as radiology has experienced. Despite some obvious differences in how the transition to digital images will occur, it is obvious that questions...
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Growing hospital group ready for the future with a new imaging strategy
AZ Delta was established in 2015 after a merger between two hospitals with a total of four sites. In 2018, a third hospital joined the group. A new vision for the group’s imaging strategy was requir...
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Hoe technologie bijdraagt aan een betere uitkomst voor de patiënt
Een jaar geleden zagen we dat steeds meer ziekenhuizen kozen voor Enterprise Imaging. Met tools als business intelligence (BI) vergroten ze hun inzicht in de bedrijfsvoering en verhogen ze hun flexibi...
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Webinar: Sanford Health’s enterprise imaging journey
In this webinar, listen as Steve Thompson, Director of Clinical Initiatives, describes the vision, planning, and execution of Sanford Health — the largest rural healthcare system in the U.S., which...
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Curaçao Medical Center: the center of innovative care in the Caribbean
The Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) Willemstad opened its doors in November 2019. The new, ultramodern hospital was equipped with the latest technology, making it the most innovative in the region. Effi...
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Ophthalmology: this is enterprise imaging
Sectra has a new vision for eye care: utilizing a single platform to streamline image viewing, analysis and storage and linking ophthalmology with other ‘ologies across the healthcare system. That v...
Articles | Enterprise imaging | AI in medical imaging | Breast imaging | Cardiology imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise platform | Ophthalmology imaging | Radiology imaging | Sectra One Cloud
Integrated diagnostics in practice: a pilot test of a globally unique solution for the investigation of prostate cancer
A working group from the National Prostate Cancer Register of Sweden (NPCR) and the Regional Cancer Centers (RCC) worked with Sectra to develop a new digital solution that could become the national st...
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Homerton Healthcare embraces true SaaS enterprise imaging with Sectra and Microsoft Azure
Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is the first National Health Service (NHS) organization in the UK to deploy a cloud-based enterprise imaging service fully managed by Sectra. The deployment im...
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A shared image archive offers major advantages for healthcare providers and patients
Within Stockholm County Council (SLL), Sweden’s capital region, there are 2,000 healthcare providers—ranging from hospitals and district care centers to specialist clinics and private dentists. To...
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Major academic medical system advances image management with Sectra Enterprise Imaging
University Hospitals in Cleveland made do for years with separate PACS for radiology, cardiology and other image-intensive clinical departments. Now the 18-hospital, 15-county, 40-clinic integrated he...
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Streamline multi­disciplinary team meetings using a joint enterprise platform for radiology and pathology diagnosis
Multidisciplinary team (MDT) meetings, or tumor boards, are a cornerstone of cancer care, and the practice of holding such meetings is increasing greatly. Several studies [1][2][3] clearly demonstrate...
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Breaking the trend of increased radiation exposure to patients through dose monitoring
This white paper raises the issue of the increase in  patient exposure to radiation doses in diagnostic medical imaging over the last three decades. The aim is to inform about the problem and highlig...
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Time to rethink prostate cancer diagnostics?
Many of us know, or have known, someone with prostate cancer. Today, prostate cancer is seen as a chronic disease and it is common that surgery is not performed in cancers categorized as harmless, mai...
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Eye on Canada: 3 views on PACS priorities
With PACS as with any healthcare-specific technology, some universal expectations are common to all end-users and their IT support teams. Yet there are also as many unique sets of preferences as there...
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ECR market report 2019—the top trends you should know about
ECR has closed its doors for this year. Once again, I am amazed by the enthusiasm among the attendees and vendors when it comes to bringing new innovations to improve healthcare. As many of us have EC...
Industry reflections | Radiology imaging | AI in medical imaging | Breast imaging | Enterprise imaging
A radiologist’s report on working from home during the COVID-19 crisis
In light of the current coronavirus pandemic, the work situation for many radiologists has changed. Many have taken on new work tasks, workloads have suddenly changed, and what is perhaps most apparen...
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Ten aspects to consider when enabling mobile image capture in your enterprise imaging workflow
Healthcare’s adoption of enterprise imaging is on the rise, and using one shared system for all medical multimedia leads to increased utilization of and access to images by specialties outside of ra...
Articles | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform
What can happen in a year of NHS diagnostic modernisation?
Breaking down silos across diagnostic services has been a focus for the NHS transformation agenda for many years. But year on year rising demands, workforce challenges and pressures that have intensified with the pandemic, have now collectively placed the urgency for change into sharper focus.
Increasingly vital role of medical imaging in oncology
Medical imaging in the field of oncology is advancing in leaps and bounds. It is becoming increasingly easy to manage images and data, making it possible to determine with greater accuracy which treat...
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Radiology: this is enterprise imaging
Momentum. You feel it when you’ve got it. And when it lags, you’re pushing harder to regain your stride. In radiology, maintaining momentum is core to keeping radiologists, workflow, decision-maki...
Articles | Enterprise imaging | AI in medical imaging | Breast imaging | Cardiology imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise platform | Ophthalmology imaging | Radiology imaging | Sectra One Cloud
Information-driven healthcare
What does a diagnostic imaging department spend its time on? What are the busiest times for staff, and what drives the workload at those times? Gaining a true understanding—and implementing the righ...
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Club utilisateurs Pathologie - 2nde édition
Le club utilisateurs de pathologie Sectra est de retour avec sa seconde édition qui se déroulera le Mardi 28 mai 2024 à la Maison de la Recherche à Paris. Inscrivez-vous dès maintenant !
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AI frees up valuable time for radiologists in a Swedish healthcare region
Artificial intelligence (AI) holds great potential to improve the quality and productivity of diagnostic imaging. However, experience shows that contractual, technical, and legal aspects can present m...
Case | AI in medical imaging | Breast imaging | Radiology imaging
Transforming healthcare imaging: an interview with Sectra’s CTO
How does the evolving landscape of imaging digitization look through the eyes of Fredrik Gustavsson, CTO at Sectra? In a recent interview with Bill Russell from This Week Health at HIMSS ’23, Fr...
Articles | Enterprise imaging | AI in medical imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise platform | Radiology imaging | Sectra One Cloud
True SaaS or a cloudy promise?
This whitepaper explores the transformative role of Software as a Service (SaaS) in medical imaging. It delves into the evolution, benefits, and challenges of SaaS. It highlights the unique advantages...
White papers | Sectra One Cloud | Enterprise imaging
St. Joseph’s/Candler takes measures to bolster dose minimizing efforts
Amidst increasing concern from patients, as well as increased publicity about the effects of radiation exposure, hospital systems like St. Joseph’s/Candler, serving Savannah and the four surrounding...
Case | Radiology imaging
Product | Digital pathology
Two NHS trusts take 'giant leap' in connecting diagnostics across hospitals
Two NHS trusts in the North West of England have taken the lead in breaking down barriers between diagnostic departments and frontline clinical staff, in a move that healthcare professionals say is ch...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise platform
Where and how digitization affects the pathology workflow
Until recently, using a conventional light microscope has been standard practice for examining histopathology slides. However, the use of digital pathology is on the rise and many pathology labs are n...
Articles | Digital pathology
Proper integration is key in achieving efficiency in digital workflows—four tips on important demands to impose on your suppliers
Digital pathology has great potential to increase the efficiency and quality of anatomical pathology. A good digital workplace supports the daily work in everything from simple tasks, such as combinin...
Articles | Digital pathology
Digital pathology—an important piece of the puzzle enabling integrated diagnostics
The diagnosis of cancer is becoming more complex. The menu of tests and procedures has exploded as new technologies have evolved and clinicians are now demanding more from radiologists and pathologist...
Articles | Digital pathology
You don’t have to deconstruct your PACS, just make it deconstructable
Medical imaging tenders today revolve heavily around a few components that are mentioned in almost every procurement process. These are: Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA), image viewer and workflow/worklis...
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Swedish county council shows the way to a successful implementation of enterprise imaging
Region Värmland is a pioneer in enterprise imaging and is currently a world leader in managing and storing medical images, multimedia and patient information in a central, region-wide platform. In a...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Breast imaging | Cardiology imaging | Digital pathology | Enterprise platform | Radiology imaging
A move forward in enterprise digital imaging with Sectra PACS at Morecambe Bay
University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT) has seen many benefits from its deployment of a second generation Sectra PACS, integrated with its Electronic Patient Record (EPR). N...
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Borstkankerscreening innoveert proces
De Nederlandse borstkankerscreening is met 1,1 miljoen deelnemers per jaar het grootste bevolkingsonderzoek ter wereld. Gezien die omvang is de impact van efficiencyverbeteringen enorm. Het programma...
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‘Cutting-edge’ enterprise imaging enhances workflows and patient care at Mayfair Diagnostics
In 2020, Canadian medical imaging provider, Mayfair Diagnostics, selected Sectra to deliver an enterprise imaging solution that supports workflow optimization, heightens reading efficiency, and enable...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Breast imaging | Radiology imaging
The present state of radiology AI and how to prepare for the future
Earlier this year, Sectra gathered radiology experts and thought leaders for a virtual roundtable discussion to talk about the biggest challenges and future trends within the field of diagnostic radio...
Articles | AI in medical imaging | Radiology imaging
5 years into the cloud, John Muir Health is just getting started
One 3D mammogram acquired via digital breast tomosynthesis adds about 500MB of image data to a hospital’s storage system. That’s the average. On the high end, a single study can occupy as much as...
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Curaçao Medical Center: het middelpunt van innovatieve zorg in de Caribische regio
In november 2019 opende het Curaçao Medical Center (CMC) in Willemstad haar deuren. Het hypermoderne ziekenhuis is uitgerust met de nieuwste apparatuur. Daarmee wil de overheid de gezondheidszorg op...
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UK-wide medical imaging sharing system expands beyond hospitals to 500 institutions
The UK’s globally unique deployment of a medical imaging sharing system called the Sectra Image Exchange Portal has expanded to a record reach, easing the flow of important patient information beyon...
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This is enterprise imaging
First there was PACS: picture archiving and communications systems. Over the last decade, as managing medical imaging has expanded far beyond radiology, enterprise imaging was born. But what is enterp...
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Enterprise Imaging: PACS, maar dan met alle workflows geïntegreerd
Al in 2015 ontstonden in het Antonius Ziekenhuis in Sneek de eerste ideeën om beelden van andere afdelingen dan radiologie in het PACS op te slaan. De technologie was toen echter nog niet zo ver dat...
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Best practices for creating brilliant workflows
Our healthcare system is not immune to the pressures of today’s economy. And we all know that hospitals are short of technical staff. On top of that, radiology departments are struggling with heavy...
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Visie 2023: Tijd om de beeldende diagnostiek radicaal te transformeren
De zorg staat al jaren onder druk. De huidige demografische ontwikkelingen zorgen ervoor dat de druk onhoudbaar wordt, tenzij je dingen echt ánders gaat organiseren. Aan de behandelkant worden daarto...
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Podcast: From pixels to pathways—the future of integrated diagnostics
How can genomics and diagnostic imaging come together to revolutionize integrated diagnostics? Fredrik Lysholm, General Manager of Genomics IT at Sectra, and Dr. Prabhu Arumugam, Director of Clinical...
Podcast | Digital pathology | Radiology imaging
Structured reporting: a key to more value-driven radiology
In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, radiology plays a pivotal role in diagnosing and guiding treatment decisions. However, as the volume and complexity of imaging studies continue to rise, traditi...
White papers | Radiology imaging
Increased patient security and major time gains—result of automated multimedia flows in Swedish university hospital
Region Östergötland has a clear strategy for how medical images and multimedia are to be managed in their operations. As far as possible, they prefer to use a centralized storage solution on a regio...
Case | Enterprise imaging | Enterprise capture | Enterprise platform
100+ digital pathology implementations: 10 lessons learned, 1 essential conclusion
As in many change projects, the goal of implementing a digital pathology workflow is to increase efficiency and/or improve quality. Simply digitizing pathology slides does not accomplish either of the...
White papers | Digital pathology