Sectra VNA

Capture, store, access, and exchange all medical multimedia

Sectra VNA lets you consolidate your image handling through a single centralized, standards-based multimedia archive. It facilitates the capture of medical images, videos, and audio clips from virtually any source, including all types of DICOM images, ECG, HD film, non-DICOM images—and even whole slide digital pathology images. Images may be DICOM-wrapped or kept in their original format, so you can choose the optimal strategy for each department and workflow. Images can be reached from the EMR and follow the clinical pathway of the patient, enabling clinicians to find and use all information—from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

When consolidating the enterprise archive, it is vital to ensure that the workflows in image-intense departments—such as mammography, pathology, cardiology, and radiology—continue to function smoothly. Sectra offers not only extensive archiving experience, but we have also provided complete workflow solutions for 30 years, adapted to the needs of each clinical discipline.

Seeing all these different systems through a single interface compared with what we used to have—I just think it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Beverly Rosipko University Hospitals Cleveland, USA

The greatest benefit of the multimedia solution—in addition to always having a reference to the patient record in all images—is that the information is made available in a fast, secure, and easy way for all who are involved in a patient’s care.

Marie Moberg Värmland County Council, Sweden

A storage-agnostic archive

Sectra VNA is storage-neutral, supporting your existing or future storage strategy—regardless of your choice of vendor and whether your storage is local, central, or cloud-based. This gives you freedom when, for example, expanding or decreasing your storage.

Sectra VNA also features sophisticated information life cycle management (ILM) that takes into account clinical relevance, file age, and last access, letting you increase the cost efficiency of your storage.

Searching and presenting patient information

Sectra VNA gives you powerful search functionality. Thanks to a full-text index of the information in the VNA, you can search for stored information on a patient and have it presented in a detailed overview. With an XDS registry at its core, Sectra VNA makes it possible for any connected system or viewer to get the same level of overview of images, documents, and other files stored in the VNA.

A modular, cost-effective approach

Sectra VNA consists of a number of functional modules. Some modules are optional, whereas others are integral components. As a result, you can tailor the VNA to your requirements today without limiting your options for the future—modules can easily be added later if needed. This modular approach makes the solution cost effective.

Supporting mergers and acquisitions

Sectra VNA lets you share data efficiently between different systems, and migrate other archives in a structured way. The migration tools available in our VNA allow you to increase the speed of data transfer during off-peak hours, for example, and assign higher priority in the migration queue to data used in ongoing care processes. This ensures you maintain the same performance and quality of service during data migration as you would during normal operations.

Sectra also provides an efficient system integration tool that helps you integrate Sectra products into complex hospital IT environments.

Multiple operation models

Complementing existing departmental PACS, Sectra can supply a true enterprise archive backend (VNA) for versatile storage and standard interfaces to communicate with surrounding systems. Taking advantage of modern, web-scale IT, the system offers great TCO. And by adhering to modern standards and open source initiatives, the solution gives you a future-proof and high-performing backbone for the large enterprise.

All this can originate from three separate operation models, but all delivered with the same functionality:

  • “VNAble” your Sectra solution: Extend an existing Sectra PACS solution with VNA components to handle workflows beyond radiology.
  • On-premise Sectra VNA: A separate VNA for archiving and image distribution delivered from an on-premise solution.
  • A SaaS Sectra VNA: A software-as-a-service/cloud VNA solution delivered from the Sectra HealthCloud.

Key features & benefits

Enterprise viewer for secure and easy access

Sectra UniView is a true zero-footprint (HTML5) enterprise viewer that enables secure and easy access to medical images and related information such as requests and reports—from any location and on any device. It gives referring physicians and other users a single point of access to all information and multimedia stored in the Sectra VNA. Sectra UniView also integrates well with all leading EMR systems.

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Supporting mobile camera capture and upload

Sectra VNA enables advanced camera capture and image upload functionality, making it possible to take photos using a built-in camera on a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone and upload images to the VNA.

Secure platform with advanced patient privacy support

Sectra VNA is a high-availability, scalable, and secure platform with advanced patient privacy support such as built-in user access restrictions on multiple levels, federated authentication/authorization, and audit trail according to the IHE ATNA profile.

Vendor-neutral storage based on international standards

Sectra VNA is based on international standards such as DICOM, HL7, WADO, and XDS, enabling data to be stored and accessed in a vendor-neutral manner. This helps avoid the need for future data migration projects.

Flexibility for a cost-effective solution

Sectra VNA is capable of receiving and delivering data in a traditional PACS-to-VNA workflow. It can also be deployed with built-in modules for workflows like radiology, breast imaging, cardiology, and pathology. With this option, Sectra VNA removes the need for a PACS in front of the VNA, creating a very cost-effective solution.

Easy management of all message transformations

Sectra VNA is delivered with the powerful interoperability platform, Sectra Connectivity Hub. By channeling all external messages, all message transformations (harmonization/normalization) are easily manageable in one place. As a result, conversions and transformations can be made between all document types that are channeled through the platform. Examples of possible transformations or conversions include between HL7 v.2 to CDA-Rx, DICOM SR to the CDA, and HL7 v.2 to HL7 v.3. The Connectivity Hub can also handle functions such as linking patients with multiple patient IDs, pre-fetch and auto routing of relevant priors, and critical result notifications to referring clinicians.


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