Regional presence: Sectra in Canada

Letter from the President

By Nader Soltani, President of Sectra Canada

Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.

Nader Soltani, President, Sectra Canada Inc.

At Sectra Canada, we strive to contribute to a healthier and safer society. We are committed to supporting our customers with proactive services and cutting-edge solutions, so they can continue to deliver quality patient care with speed and accuracy. Our users are our partners with whom we collaborate to build brilliant workflows custom to their organization’s needs.

The relationships we develop with our users are crucial to who we are. When our customers succeed, so do we. This is evident in our 4th consecutive Best-in-KLAS win – or as we like to call it, a “glam slam” for Sectra Canada. These wins display the faith our customers have in our exceptional products and employees as well as our team’s ability to exceed expectations.

As one of the newest Sectra operations, Sectra Canada embodies the energy of a young startup. However, we exude and enjoy the stability of a well-established brand with vast global experience and a product backed by 40+ years of innovation. Sectra Canada has witnessed exponential growth and increased interest in our enterprise imaging solutions since opening our office in 2017. I aim to expand our operations across Canada and continue to recruit the best people to fully support and maintain our key customer relationships as we further develop.

The Canadian healthcare system is exemplary, but like many others worldwide, it faces challenges with rising costs, decreased funding and supplies, and increased demands for imaging in an ageing population. It is my vision to provide Sectra’s industry-leading technology and exceptional support across the nation to help make healthcare in Canada more efficient, effective, affordable, and available to all.

In alignment with my vision, Sectra has transitioned to an annual subscription-based model, Sectra One. Sectra One Enterprise Imaging gives users full access to Sectra’s extensive portfolio: including the latest releases, features, and future functionalities within the term of an organization’s contract. This solution allows for predictable costs as they are dependent on volume which provides easy financial forecasting. With this model, healthcare providers have scalability and can expand into other modalities, like digital pathology, without having to buy separate licenses. Sectra One encourages collaborative, efficient, and affordable workflows that translate to overall better patient care. Sectra has also entered a long-term partnership with Microsoft Azure to provide effective cloud services that are cost-effective, scalable, and a secure way for organizations to store, access, and use their vast amounts of medical imaging data. Lastly, to make AI more accessible, the Sectra Amplifier Market Place offers a wide range of available applications in a single store. Our vendor-neutral interface simplifies adoption and provides a unified user experience for radiology imaging, breast imaging, and digital pathology.

I have an optimistic outlook for Sectra Canada’s opportunities to modernize and improve healthcare delivery in Canada. Powered by Sectra’s market-leading and innovative enterprise imaging platform, I am confident that our team will continue to provide highly supportive services to the Canadian market for years to come.


Nader Soltani, President of Sectra Canada
February 2023

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