Availability—from start to finish

At Sectra, high availability is at the core of everything we do. Central to that is the ambition to make patients’ images and information available from a single point of access, regardless of where and when along the patient pathway it was created.

We deliver on that ambition with our unified imaging solution, in combination with our open architecture and vendor-neutral approach that enable Sectra’s solutions to exist in harmony with surrounding IT solutions. And thanks to our information security experience and tools, you can achieve the resulting patient-centered care without compromising patient integrity.

We also believe that availability is vital for clinical workflow efficiency. Our diagnostic applications give clinicians access to the tools they need to handle the vast majority of their daily workload from a single workstation—greatly increasing efficiency.

What’s more, we design our solutions for high-production environments and our systems have a proven track record of very high uptimes—even at large, complex sites. System availability is therefore another critical component of Sectra’s high-availability concept, contributing to both patient outcome and clinical efficiency.

Here you can see how our high-availability concept helps healthcare providers deliver excellent care to their patients while reducing cost:

High availability Sectra Enterprise Imaging

Infographic: How our high-availability concept helps healthcare providers deliver excellent care while reducing cost. Click the image to access a high-res pdf version.

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