Sectra Digital Pathology Solution

A comprehensive and vendor-neutral solution for primary diagnostics in pathology

The KLAS-awarded Sectra Digital Pathology Solution helps you make quick and accurate diagnoses of histopathology and cytology cases. The high-end digital review application gives you the right tools to perform daily tasks and reduce the pain points you get with time-consuming manual workflow. This includes sorting of images, use of built-in or integrated image analysis, and built-in reporting module—to mention a few examples. You get full case overview—including images from different scanners with different file formats, macro cameras, and other image systems—as well as patient data from information systems in the same application.

Part of Sectra Enterprise Image Management, this solution lets you access all kinds of medical imaging and patient information within the same IT infrastructure. You can easily review histology, macro and radiology, or other images side by side, which in turn allows for more efficient multidisciplinary team meetings and better general rad-path collaboration. What’s more, the solution also lets you share images and information easily, for efficient information and resource exchange.

Sectra’s solution is fast, easy to use and provides constant availability. You can tell that it has been developed in close collaboration with pathologists.

Senior physician and histopathologist at Linköping University Hospital, Sweden

Allowing surgeons, radiologists, and other physicians to confer with pathology while viewing images wherever they are has a very positive effect on patient care.

Pathologist-in-chief at Hospital for Special Surgery, USA

Fast and more consistent reviews

With intelligent worklists and a patient-centric overview that shows request information, patient data, and full image history, Sectra’s Digital Pathology Solution makes it easy for you to find the right case to work on. As well as all the information you need to start reviewing.

High-speed image display and plenty of tools let you view and interact with the images in a fast and intuitive way. Examples include tools for measuring areas and distances, changing the orientation of an image, or making annotations. You also benefit from automated image analysis as well as instant live sharing of cases with peers regardless of geographic location.

Reports, written or prepared with speech recognition, are distributed to your information system through standards-based integration.

Vendor neutrality for efficient workflows

With a vendor-agnostic approach, Sectra’s Digital Pathology Solution lets you access the full patient overview at any time, from anywhere. This is thanks to support for standards like HL7 and DICOM, as well as proprietary file formats and integration protocols when needed for integration with different scanners, macro cameras, information systems, or other imaging systems.

When you can perform all daily tasks from a single application, you can achieve efficient pathology workflows. This is especially beneficial in primary diagnostics, where large volumes are handled.

The solution also makes image sharing easy, saving both time and money, and eliminates the risk of losing or breaking glass slides. You can use it for external review, remote consultation, and workload balancing—independent of the local system used for in-house review.

Sectra's system has worked so well for us that we have pathologists who are unwilling to move to other regions which aren't digital.

Pathology lab department manager at Region Skåne, Sweden

Driving efficient reporting workflows 

Sectra’s pathology solution contains a powerful workflow orchestration engine and workflow management tools. The solution gathers meta data from integrated information systems spanning the enterprise, combines this with the configured rules, and uses it to drive the reporting workflow according to your sub-specialties, rules, and priorities. Users are also able to search for anything in the system and receive the result in no time. 

High availability for primary diagnostics 

The solution is designed for high-production environments and have a proven track record of very high uptimes—even at large, complex sites. System availability is critical characteristic of solutions used for primary diagnostics to ensure good patient care at all time 

Customers’ top choice — #1 in customer satisfaction

Sectra’s solution for digital pathology has been awarded ‘2021 Best in KLAS’ for highest customer satisfaction by the IT data and insights company KLAS Research. The detailed results and testimonials show that our customers especially applaud the stability and usability of the Sectra Digital Pathology Solution, the quality of implementation and training, as well as Sectra’s service organization.

“There haven’t been any problems. Sectra takes care of their customers and wants to work on the solutions. The vendor is professional and listens to us as a customer. We have quick feedback if we have some problems. The vendor is keeping up with the customers. We haven’t had any problems with service. I haven’t heard anything but good things. I would absolutely buy Digital Pathology Solution again. The pathologists are really satisfied with Digital Pathology Solution. Sectra was able to answer our questions in the right way, so they were the winner in our public tender.”

European Analyst/Coordinator, November 2020 on the KLAS website

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Integrated diagnostics and improved multidisciplinary collaboration

Integrated diagnostics is made possible by efficient access to information across departmental borders, with transparency and collaboration between disciplines speeding up diagnosis and improving precision. Sectra’s Digital Pathology Solution supports an integrated diagnostics approach, helping you share images and reports between radiology and pathology for instance, and helping you efficiently prepare and present presentations at multidisciplinary team meetings. This lets you correlate findings to get a broader view of patient disease and better discussions among the various cancer care disciplines.

Preparations for the MDT meetings, or tumor boards, can be carried out during the review process. Pathology images, including for example annotations and measurements, can be shown side by side with the radiology images. And with digital images also comes reduced glass slide management, saving significant time for technicians and secretaries, who no longer need to assemble cases for pathologist review or for MDT meeting preparations and execution.

Cost-effective and secure storage

With either Sectra PACS or Sectra VNA as the archiving solution, you get a central storage for your images. Our extensive experience of supporting digital handling of medical images and information means we know how to best support image access—short and long term—with tiered storage and rules for image lifecycle management. Not to mention built-in mechanisms for high availability and disaster recovery.

The result? You get a cost-effective and secure archiving solution for your images where you always have access to the images, whenever you need them.

Key features and benefits include

  • Full-featured diagnostic workstation
  • Zero-footprint viewer to view, present, and discuss from any workstation
  • Built-in image analysis capabilities and standard API for integration with third-party image analysis applications
  • Vendor-neutral solution with standardized interface for integration with other image platforms and information systems
  • Scalable solution to manage increase in users and production
  • Teaching functionality with easy tag and search
  • Audit logging
  • Business analytics module for production planning
Still think digital pathology is unproven for clinical use? Consider these 7 proof points.

A snapshot of Sectra Digital Pathology Solution, as per January 2021.


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