Ophthalmology imaging

Reduce eye care complexity—store, share and view with a single solution

Sectra Ophthalmology Imaging improves everyday workflows and allows you to spend more time on what matters most—diagnostics and patient care. The diversity of imaging techniques, multitude of imaging software, and fragmented storage present a challenge in the pursuit of efficient diagnostic eye care imaging. That is why having all images stored in one platform and easily accessible in a single viewer is key to achieving brilliantly fast workflows. Sectra Ophthalmology Imaging streamlines workflows by organizing all ophthalmic imaging data providing a complete patient overview.

A single solution for brilliant eye care workflows

Sectra Ophthalmology Imaging is designed with your needs in mind and gives you full access to all ophthalmic images and reports for each patient through a single solution. It gives you tools that are quick and easy to use, and it makes things simpler by consolidating all your storage and viewing in one place. With all its small but important features, the solution creates brilliant workflows that help you solve problems you face every day.

One complete enterprise platform to unify data 

Sectra Enterprise Platform serves as the foundation for highly available, fast, and interoperable solutions and allows for collaboration between referrals and imaging disciplines, resulting in true integrated diagnostics with coexisting images and tools. 

One application to review everything 

Sectra IDS7 is a unified application that combines workflow, communication, and diagnostic features, designed to provide both secure access and high performance within the enterprise, at remote clinics, and from home. 

A universal viewer in use on a talet for review of a medical study

One viewer for efficient distribution 

Sectra UniView is a web-based universal viewer for medical images, videos, documents, and related information. It is available for use on any device and can be fully integrated into the EMR system.

Illustration of an IDS7 workstation for ophthalmology

Enhance ophthalmic imaging workflows and cross-discipline collaboration

Having one login for all images creates brilliant workflows across imaging disciplines by reducing the time it takes to find information and quickly displaying any content. The Sectra Ophthalmology Imaging module also adds a set of features specifically designed to enhance ophthalmic imaging workflows.

Automated OD/OS/OU layouts

Automated layouts, organized to give an easy overview and review of one eye at a time. The display protocol configuration framework provides full control of the image layouts, also allowing individual user preference settings.

Smart visual field test interaction

As visual field reports are often submitted as PDF reports, smart interaction and navigation tools let you scroll through multiple patient visits. This is also useful for other exam types with PDF content, such as corneal topography.

Easier OCT review

The system can automatically identify the case as a macular, optic nerve, or anterior segment scan and suggest suitable priors for comparison. B-scans are presented in high quality and retinal layers are rescaled axially for an easier review. Navigating through the images is made easy using the mouse in combination with the associated fundus localizer and reference lines.

Enhanced fundus photography

For fundus photography capturing color images of the retina, enhancements include color channel adjustments and filters, automatic montage stitching of overlapping images, and more. The measurement toolkit includes cup-to-disc ratio calculations as well as ETDRS and PDT measurements. Measurements in widefield photos are automatically corrected, compensating for the peripheral curvature of the retinal surface.

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