Sectra Terminals

Ergonomic touchscreen displays for accessing Sectra Education Portal content

Enabling interactive medical education and anatomy training in smaller groups and larger lectures

The Sectra Terminals—Sectra Table and Sectra Board—are ergonomic, multi-touch display workstations that let teachers and students access Sectra Education Portal and its content for engaging group lessons and lectures. By combining the intuitive controls of the Sectra Terminals with the high-quality cases found in Sectra Education Portal, students can take on an exploratory and tactile approach to their medical education. Interacting with images throughout the learning process supports the tactile memory, making students better prepared to transition from virtual to real-life scenarios.

You operate Sectra Terminals just like a smartphone—simply touch the screen and you can interact with the image intuitively. You can swipe, scroll, zoom, rotate, and navigate inside the images, as well as remove layers of skin and muscle and dissect the body with a virtual knife. With two different sizes, the Sectra Table and Sectra Board are ideal for problem-based learning and developing critical thinking in smaller groups and larger lectures respectively.

To interact with the 3D renderings on the Sectra Table enables our students to learn and explore in a realistic environment. The portal itself is yet another way for enhancing medical training since students can access cases from their own workstations.

Bernadette S de Bakker, MD Lecturer in Anatomy and Embryology, Academic Medical Center, The Netherlands

To study a real body is the best way to learn anatomy. It has previously been the preserve of medical and dental students, but now all students studying anatomy will have similar possibilities.

Björn Meister, Professor, Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Sectra Table

The Sectra Table supports the group discussions and collaboration essential for team-based learning. A teacher and a group of students can gather around the Table and its 65” screen to discuss and interact with the medical images. Control can easily be transferred from one person to another, encouraging group discussions and teamwork. The Sectra Table can also be tilted at different angles to accommodate groups of varying sizes.

Sectra Table model F18 features a capacitive touchscreen monitor with enhanced touch control, vastly improving the sense of interaction with the visualized data as users can now navigate even more quickly and easily. The latest model also features a slimmer design that allows greater mobility in a classroom setting.

Key features:

  • Large 65 inches monitor
  • 4K resolution for better visualization and rendering
  • Direct capacitive monitor
  • Easy access to all types of medical images including pathology
  • Ability to access and share content via Sectra Education Portal
  • Easy preparation of cases from any connected computer
  • Access to cases, quizzes, etc from any laptop, tablet or smartphone

Download Sectra Table technical specification

Sectra Board

The Sectra Board provides an alternative to the Sectra Table for accessing the Sectra Education Portal. It is optimized for larger presentations, featuring a virtual whiteboard, enhanced presentation tools, and an 86” screen with in-glass touch technology. It can either be wall-mounted or placed on a wheeled stand.

Just like the Sectra Table, the Board allows deeper interaction with visual case data and is an ideal way to present Education Portal content in the classroom.

Key features:

  • 86” in-glass touch monitor
  • Can either be wall-mounted or placed on a wheeled stand
  • Ideal for larger presentations and lectures

Download Sectra Board technical specification

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