Sectra terminals

First-class touch interaction and visualization

Sectra terminals are large, immersive and interactive touch devices that provide optimal touch interaction and visualization to further enhance the experience and performance of Sectra Education Portal.

A combination of the highly relevant medical education cases in our platform and the possibility of intuitive interaction with the images maximizes learning and the potential for group engagement and interaction. You can swipe, scroll, zoom, rotate and navigate inside the images as well as remove layers of skin and muscle and dissect the body with a virtual knife. Sectra terminals are an ideal complement to Sectra Education Portal and help students develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

Sectra provides well-adapted technical solutions that keep you up-to-date with the developments in both medical care and education.

Elin Schoultz, MD and PhD student, Sahlgrenska Academy

Sectra Table

The Sectra Table features a large monitor with an electrical tilt function and a capacitive touchscreen, vastly improving the sense of interaction with the visualized data. It supports group discussions, and facilitates collaborative team-based learning.

Sectra Board

The Sectra Board features a touchscreen with InGlass technology and is optimized for presentations, with a virtual whiteboard and enhanced presentation tools.

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