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Beyond the technology—how Sectra provides end-to-end SaaS security

In the world of healthcare, security is paramount, and Sectra takes a unique approach to providing customers with a secure SaaS. Douglas Wallgren, Solutions Architect at Sectra, explains how Sectra One Cloud combines Sectra’s software and services with Microsoft Azure cloud technology to create a highly secure enterprise imaging service that healthcare organizations can trust.


  • [0:51] Douglas describes his background and his current role as Solutions Architect
  • [2:18] The importance of security in the healthcare industry
  • [4:26] Douglas explains Sectra One Cloud and why Sectra chose to partner with Microsoft
  • [9:55] Douglas talks about Sectra’s security framework and the multi-layered approach to delivering a secure cloud service
  • [16:52] Sectra’s approach to the Shared Responsibility Model
  • [19:07] Douglas emphasizes the importance of communication and transparency when working with customers
  • [20:54] Douglas provides advice to healthcare organizations transitioning to enterprise imaging as a service in the cloud



  • Due to the sensitivity of patient data, the healthcare industry is a popular target for cybercriminals and cyberattacks. If data is compromised, the consequences can be severe. It is critical to have a secure enterprise imaging service to ensure the safety and security of data.
  • Simply having secure software and cloud technology is insufficient to ensure a service’s security. To achieve true security, a solid security framework, complete with appropriate policies and procedures, is also required.
  • Effective communication and transparency between the healthcare organization and the imaging vendor are critical to avoiding mistakes and ensuring a smooth transition to SaaS in the cloud.

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