Podcast—Let's talk enterprise imaging

5 ways AI can elevate your work

What are the most recent trends in radiology imaging? What impact does AI have on workflow efficiency? Steve Holloway, Company Director & Principal Analyst at Signify Research, Nynke Breimer, Global Product Manager, AI Radiology at Sectra, and Dr. Benjamin Fine, Radiologist and Clinician Scientist at Trillium Health Partners discuss key trends, and the role AI plays in improving clinical workflows.



  • [02:18] Experiences with workflow and integration within imaging informatics
  • [05:41] What resonates with customers and makes a difference in end-to-end workflow
  • [09:11] What is working well with the rollout of AI
  • [15:06] The aspect of governance and challenges of integration
  • [19:54] Considerations with the future of AI
  • [24:46] Strategies to consider with enterprise imaging and AI



  • It is important that the end users trust what they see or adoption and integration will be difficult.
  • The ability to cross-communicate between departments using AI technology has the potential to enhance collaboration and increase quality of care.
  • Because of their experience with digitization and absorbing data from numerous sources, radiologists’ roles are expected to evolve as AI is incorporated in clinical practice.

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