Podcast—Let's talk enterprise imaging

Customer-centric development—What’s in it for you?

“Made for you” is at the heart of everything Sectra does, especially when it comes to developing software that improves our customers’ working lives. Traci DeForge hosts a discussion about the importance of customer-centric software development with Sectra’s Fredrik Hall, Head of Product Applications, and Olof Göranson, Senior User Experience Designer.


  • [00:56] Fredrik and Olof give background info on themselves and Sectra
  • [02:51] How Sectra defines customer centricity
  • [06:36] Customer engagement drives strategic and long-term improvements
  • [11:05] The process for setting priorities and choosing what to focus on
  • [14:04] How they measure if they are making an impact
  • [18:28] Olof shares a customer story



  • Sectra is genuinely focused on its customers. Everyone engages with customers in a personal way and gets feedback to make the products better.
  • The numbers and data are important but it’s equally important to do customer visits to experience what drives those numbers.
  • Getting feedback and testing while designing is just as important as feedback and checking after the release. With check-ins throughout the process, it can save time and drive the process as needed.

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