Volume visualization for increased productivity

Visualization tools are becoming increasingly important in the radiology department. However, when words like 3D and MPR are mentioned most people’s thoughts go directly to advanced visualization applications. These applications are extremely capable in the specialized clinical areas they target, but they are not necessarily right for the everyday visualization needs most people face. A general-purpose solution available throughout the enterprise, as a complement to more advanced solutions, is what really realizes the big productivity gains.

Improving dialog means improving productivity

“There is certainly a growing need for a more efficient dialog between referring clinicians and radiologist,” says Hans Lugnegård, Product Manager at Sectra. “As we know, 3D is unbeatable for visualizing complex processes. Today, there are sophisticated visualization applications out there doing a superb job in specialized clinical areas. But in the majority of cases, what’s needed is a general-purpose application, that allows radiologists to navigate in stacks with standard MPR tools—quickly, easily and cost-effectively. This is where the real boost in productivity can be achieved.”

Advanced visualization for basic needs

What Hans Lugnegård has in mind is a smart tool for easy access to volumetric data. “What we’ve developed at Sectra is an application that allows the radiologist to bookmark key parts of the image to help illustrate his/her diagnosis.” It works like this: when the clinician clicks on a bookmark, a 3D application is initiated that gives the physician a chance to ‘see’ what the radiologist has already seen—in 3D and from different angles. The clinician is no longer limited to view snapshots. In other words, a general-purpose visualization solution not only increases productivity, but also helps radiologists add even more value to the service they provide.

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