Reap the benefits of enterprise imaging in the cloud with Microsoft & Sectra

Sectra webinar in conjunction with the RSNA 2020 Virtual Meeting

The business of imaging is changing. Providers are searching for a more cost-effective, scalable and secure way to store, access and use their vast amounts of medical imaging data. There are also huge benefits to be gained in using the cloud to harness the power of large-scale cloud-based AI that has not been possible with on-premises solutions. Powerful advancements in cloud technology are paving the way for better care delivery and improved financial and operational outcomes—at a reduced cost. In this webinar, Microsoft and Sectra explain how enterprise imaging using Azure-powered cloud infrastructure can lower TCO and improve providers’ financial, clinical and operational outcomes by leveraging the scale of the cloud.


  • Judy Bartlett, Associate VP Application Delivery, Optum Supporting John Muir Health
  • Dr. Greg Moore, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Health
  • Kristof Rennen, Senior Program Manager Azure, Microsoft
  • Marcus Gullberg, Director Of Business Development, Microsoft Western Europe
  • Mathias Ekman, Director Industry Solutions, Microsoft Western Europe
  • Niklas Svenzén, Vice President of Technology, Sectra


  • Fredrik Gustavsson, CTO, Sectra


In conjunction with the RSNA 2020 Virtual Meeting, Sectra arranged several hot-topic webinars with a great line-up of speakers. This session was recorded on December 3, 2020, and includes a Q&A session with the panel at the end.

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