Operational Technology — The invisible systems that keep your hospital working

Webinar arranged in conjunction with the Sectra DACH FIKA webinar series in October 2020

Hospitals rely on computers to be able to provide healthcare, but are you aware of how computerized control systems (Operational Technology, OT) make the hospital building itself a vast computer system?

The supply of basic services like water, ventilation, climate control and power rely on the proper function of a complex computer network. Any attack or disturbance of these systems can quickly lead to life-threatening situations. Despite this, they are often overlooked in discussions about healthcare cybersecurity. In this webinar (recorded in October 2020), we share some experiences from working with these kinds of systems, and the challenges involved in securing them.


Simo Pykälistö
President of Sectra Communications and Executive Vice President of Sectra AB

Leif Nixon
Security Expert, Sectra Communications

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