Sectra One — Enterprise imaging as a subscription

Many healthcare providers are moving from traditional software licenses to subscription-based models when procuring IT solutions. The main reasons are often an increased need for flexibility mapping costs to production volumes, to get easier access to a broader set of functionalities and to facilitate the move to enterprise imaging to include more “ologies” outside of radiology.

Sectra One provides you with an enterprise imaging offering as a subscription, or ‘all-you-can-eat’ business model. It gives you full access to the complete Sectra enterprise imaging portfolio, the latest releases, and all future developed features and functionalities within the contract length. It also maps costs to the level of utilization of the system, providing you with increased flexibility as volumes change.

Depending on your organization’s size and needs, Sectra One is provided in four separate tiers, including different bundles of suitable collections of software and functionality. You select the tier that matches your organizational needs the best, and you can easily switch tier when required.

To learn more about Sectra One and how you could benefit from subscription-based enterprise imaging, please fill in the form below to be contacted by a Sectra representative in your region.