Regional presence: Sectra in the USA

Letter from the President

By Mikael Andén, President of Sectra USA

My vision for Sectra USA

Mikael Andén, President of Sectra USA

At Sectra, we use the tagline “knowledge and passion” to describe our corporate philosophy. This is especially true when we interact with customers – our most valued asset. The majority of our 100+ employees in the US have significant longevity with Sectra. With this tenure comes the knowledge to solve problems independently, without bureaucracy and internal approvals. This passion is driven by our mantra to work, as long as it takes, to make things flawless for our customers and their patients. We also excel in introducing innovative, user-friendly solutions quickly to market — solutions our users have suggested to improve efficiency and overall patient care. These actions are the direct result of our Best in KLAS’ award for seven years running. When KLAS interviews Sectra providers, they repeatedly mention it’s our innovation and dedicated staff that they could never replace with another vendor. For this, I feel incredibly proud.

In 1998, Sectra opened an office in the US and installed our first hospital PACS at Riverside Health in California. Today, they are still a Sectra customer and use our most recent software version. Read more about their experiences in the article listed here. Sectra has experienced significant growth in our client base over the last twenty years and count prestigious universities and regional health systems as customers. The continuity and loyalty of our users stems from our twice-yearly software upgrades — provided annually at no cost through our support contracts. This ensures that all sites remain current with technology within a budgeted cost structure. Because of this, our user meetings are well-attended and provide in-depth training and roadmap presentations for customer sites to decide which upgrades at which timeframe make the most sense for their facilities.

In many ways, 2019 was a breakthrough year for Sectra in the US. We not only continued to welcome new customers to the Sectra family, but we also successfully installed our solutions at prominent health systems. As a result of our growth, we will continue to expand our US-based team to meet the increasing demand for Sectra products. Considerable effort is put into finding the right people, with the right attitude and abilities to meet our customers’ high expectations of Sectra. It’s also exciting to see the growing interest for our Cardiology PACS and Sectra’s digital pathology solution. They form a compelling Enterprise Imaging platform when combined with our solid Radiology PACS, VNA and cross-enterprise solutions.

In early April, Sectra’s digital pathology solution received FDA clearance for primary diagnoses and remote reading. I’m excited we are now able to offer US healthcare providers a digital pathology offering with a proven track-record of use for full-scale primary diagnostics and large volumes. Our solution makes it possible for pathologists across the country to continue their important work from home without the need for a microscope. This approval is an important step forward for pathology and cancer care in the US.

Customer satisfaction comes in several flavors; the trust built with long-term customers and the ability to meet the high expectations set by new customers with whom you do not have a prior track record. In 2019, we showed that we deliver on both. 2020 will be no different. Sectra delivers on its promises. We do what we say and install technology in the timeframe in which it was promised.

I am very gratified by the success Sectra has had in the US and I invite you to contact me for further discussion.

Best Regards,
Mikael Andén