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Enterprise imaging in the cloud

Fully managed, secure and high-performing enterprise imaging as a cloud service. Built on our experience from delivering SaaS to large and small enterprises, designed for your current and future imaging needs.

Health providers are increasingly embracing cloud technology as they search for a more cost-effective, scalable and secure way to store, access and use their vast amounts of medical imaging data. With the benefits of fully managed SaaS, the IT burden on your organization is relieved. Resources can focus on optimizing workflows, rather than on maintenance of IT infrastructure. Sectra’s enterprise imaging portfolio utilizing cloud infrastructure can lower TCO and improve your financial, clinical and operational outcomes by leveraging the scale of the cloud. With a focus on high uptime, performance and security, our solutions can easily scale as your needs change over time. It also removes large up-front investments with a subscription plan and pay-per-usage.

A whole layer of additional management and complication removed, that doesn’t need to involve our busy IT team, which doesn’t specialize in PACS.

Roy Burnett, PACS manager at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Reduce IT burden

  • Spend less time coordinating between IT vendors and service providers.
  • Focus on operational efficiency as we take responsibility for the Software as a Service.
  • Invest your time in clinical workflows, instead of hardware and infrastructure.

Improve financial predictability and scalability

  • Achieve financial flexibility, predictability and stability by eliminating large CAPEX investments with our subscription-based business model.
  • Adapt to changes over time with our cloud service that automatically scales capacity up or down.

High uptime and blazing performance

  • Get high performance in the cloud with our cloud-enabled products and optimized operations.
  • Rest assured that services meet the uptime necessary of large-scale critical health services, with our geographically redundant cloud platform.

Increase security

  • Stay protected against cybersecurity threats. Our cloud services are designed and managed with high quality and precision, certified by ISO27001 (information security) and ISO27017/18 (cloud security) certificates.

Sectra One Cloud Services — a cloud-ready enterprise imaging subscription

Sectra One is a subscription-based model for our enterprise imaging offering. With Sectra One Cloud Services, you choose a subscription plan and SLA level suitable for your organization to benefit from a fully managed SaaS.

With Sectra One Cloud Services you receive:

  • Clear SLAs, “Best in KLAS”-renowned support and high uptime
  • Redundant, secure and high-performance cloud storage
  • Fast access to the latest software updates and product releases with smooth, no-forklift upgrades

The Sectra Health Cloud — a cloud platform that meets your demands

The Sectra Health Cloud has been designed to meet the demands on uptime, performance, scalability, security and compliance of large-scale enterprise imaging cloud services. With services run in geographical separated data centers and with instant fail-over mechanisms, high availability is achieved. With the Sectra Health Cloud, you do not need to worry about hardware, infrastructure, nor data centers.

On a global level, the Sectra Health Cloud is powered by Microsoft Azure — Sectra’s global cloud partner — a strong partnership with a joint dedication to make cloud technology beneficial for the healthcare sector.

For specific markets, Sectra Health Cloud is powered by OpenStack, a Sectra-built cloud infrastructure. Please contact your local Sectra representative to learn about which offering is available to you.

Multi-layered cloud security

Strong security is an integral part of Sectra’s cloud services. As a medical IT company with roots in defense-level cybersecurity, our people, technology, tools, processes and policies protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of products, services and customer data.

A cloud service is only as safe as its weakest link. Sectra’s multi-layered security strategy takes both a holistic and deep approach on cloud security and safeguarding customer and patient data. The security measures are reinforced by an in-house team of dedicated cloud specialists, working 24/7/365, monitoring and standby ready to act when needed.

Certified cloud operations

Sectra is ISO27001 (information security) and ISO27017/18 (cloud security) certified, as well as HIPAA and GDPR compliant, which permeates all our cloud operations.

AI and cloud computing — a perfect match to drive innovation

Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum by the day. It has tremendous potential to help medical imaging professionals accomplish more by augmenting workflows, reviews and reporting. AI and cloud computing make a perfect match to drive innovation. Regardless if you develop your own algorithms or use ready-to-go AI/ML applications, cloud resources are available on an as-needed basis.

When developing AI, you rely on making large volumes of data accessible — something that scalable cloud storage can enable. And when running algorithms, you often need vast computing power (GPU and CPU) temporarily, which the cloud can offer. With its pay-for-usage model, the cloud removes the need for large CAPEX investments in computing resources you only need temporarily.

Learn more about Sectra’s approach to supporting AI adoption in clinical practice

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