Trillium Health Partners & Quinte Health Care, Ontario

Improving workflow efficiency with Sectra Enterprise Imaging

Interview with Dr. Ivan Diamond (Chief and Medical Director of Radiology, Trillium Health Partners) and Dianna Kiss (PACS Coordinator, Quinte Health Care)

Trillium Health Partners is Canada’s largest community and academically affiliated hospital that is comprised of two acute care hospitals and one outpatient and long-term care facility within Mississauga, Ontario. Quinte Health Care is a community hospital comprised of four connected hospital sites located within Southeastern Ontario. In this video, Dr. Ivan Diamond, Chief and Medical Director of Radiology at Trillium Health Partners and Dianna Kiss, PACS Coordinator at Quinte Health Care share their experience with Sectra Enterprise Imaging and workflow efficiency.

It’s really great working within a system that is well integrated. I really enjoy using the 3D visualization tools; for example, when we’re doing stroke imaging, the vessel tracking tools that are built into Sectra, it improves patient care because it allows me to do it all in one step whereas previously, I had to launch another program in order to do that kind of work.

Dr. Ivan Diamond, Chief and Medical Director of Radiology, Trillium Health Partners

Sectra is just awesome. You never feel like you are a customer. You feel like you're more of a partner in everything, and they're very collaborative. It's just like being a part of a family, and they're just awesome to work with, in all aspects.

Dianna Kiss, PACS Coordinator, Quinte Health Care

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