Charting clinical innovation: empowering long-term success through cloud technology, in and beyond the hospital system

Sectra webinar in conjunction with the SIIM enterprise imaging webinar series

In this webinar, Dan Navarro, MD, Chief of Imaging Informatics at a large multi-regional health system, leads Isaac Zaworski, President of Sectra North America, and John Doyle, Global Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare & Life Sciences at Microsoft, in an engaging dialogue on the pivotal role of cloud technology in transforming the healthcare landscape. Explore how harnessing the power of the cloud transcends traditional boundaries, unlocking untapped potential in areas like clinical trials and personalized medicine. Gain invaluable insights as Dr. Navarro delves into practical, real-world examples illustrating how this paradigm shift is reshaping the landscape of patient care.


  • Review real-world case studies illustrating cloud technology’s impact on patient care
  • Explore cloud technology’s role in healthcare transformation
  • Collect insights to help you make informed decisions in your organization


John Doyle
Global Chief Technology Officer, Healthcare and Life Science, Microsoft

Daniel Navarro, MD
Chief of Imaging Informatics,
Large multi-region health system

Isaac Zaworski
Sectra North America

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