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From pixels to pathways—the future of integrated diagnostics

How can genomics and diagnostic imaging come together to revolutionize integrated diagnostics? Fredrik Lysholm, General Manager of Genomics IT at Sectra, and Dr. Prabhu Arumugam, Director of Clinical Data and Imaging at Genomics England, have the answers. Join them as they explore the transformative possibilities when radiology imaging, digital pathology, and genomics data converge.


  • [0:54] Fredrik provides information about his education and work experience
  • [1:47] Prabs discusses his background and the relationship between Genomics England and Sectra
  • [6:03] The reason Sectra established a Genomics IT business unit
  • [8:22] The definition of genomics in terms of cancer and diagnostics, as well as clinical and research perspectives
  • [14:07] The capabilities of Sectra’s genomics solution
  • [17.39] Genomics England’s initiatives and the potential that comes from integrating this data
  • [21:27] Integration of genomics within the clinical workflow, and the influence of genetic data utilization on diagnosis, treatment planning, and patient outcomes
  • [25:26] Sectra Genomics launch and update on the Penn Medicine pilot project
  • [27:35] What genomics might look like in ten years and what impact it might have on healthcare



  • Sectra launched a new Genomics IT business unit dedicated to innovation and product development to help customers in working efficiently in a molecular diagnostic setting.
  • Sectra’s genomics solution will bring radiology, digital pathology, and genomic data together on a single platform to take integrated diagnostics to the next level.
  • The convergence of data from radiology, digital pathology, and genomic data has the potential to significantly improve patient care and precision medicine.

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