Revolutionizing pathology with image analysis and AI

Image analysis and artificial intelligence has potential to revolutionize the field of pathology and it is often mentioned as one of the key drivers of digitizing pathology workflows. Still, uptake of image analysis in clinical review workflows has been very limited. This webinar aims to describe Sectra’s view of what we believe is needed for a broader adoption of image analysis in clinical practice and how we have chosen to work with customers and vendors in this field. The purpose is to describe concepts and not commercial solutions.


Elin Kindberg earned her MSc and PhD at Linköping University, Sweden, with a focus on immune genetics in viral disease. After earning her PhD in 2010 she began working for Sectra where she started as a medical advisor. After this she has held multiple managing positions in the field of digital pathology and for three years she functions as global product manager for Sectra’s digital pathology solution. She has led the journey of moving pathology from research to a commercial solution within the company and has been involved in digitization projects in pathology in both Europe, Australia and the US.


OAP logoThis webinar was co-developed with the Ontario Association of Pathologists and was recorded live on October 12, 2022.

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