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The power of remote reading—why radiologists should never settle for less

In a world where remote reading has become the standard practice, how can you enable efficient reading for radiologists? Dr. Gloria Hwang, Clinical Professor of Radiology at Stanford University, shares valuable insights into Stanford’s remote reading program, emphasizing the role of a high-performing PACS and innovative tools in seamlessly connecting radiologists and healthcare professionals, even when miles apart.


  • [1:30] Petra shares statistics on remote reading from the Journal of the American College of Radiology
  • [2:30] Dr. Hwang provides an overview of Stanford’s remote reading program
  • [5:00] The geographical locations of Stanford’s hospitals and clinics
  • [7:40] Dr. Hwang describes the performance and connectivity when working remotely
  • [9:55] How Stanford utilizes Sectra’s chat for asynchronous workflow and other collaborative purposes
  • [14:17] Stanford and Sectra’s collaboration to develop solutions for peer learning
  • [18:30] Dr. Hwang discusses the impact of remote reading on work-life balance and productivity



  • The pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote reading in radiology, with 91% of organizations enabling it during that period.
  • Stanford uses Sectra PACS as their radiology imaging software, providing radiologists with high performance capabilities and innovative tools.
  • Sectra’s chat has become a vital tool for radiologists, facilitating asynchronous workflows and enabling collaboration among team members.
  • Geographical flexibility has allowed some radiologists to work remotely from various locations, improving work-life balance.
  • Remote reading is expected to remain a permanent part of radiology workflows, offering flexibility and enhancing the overall well-being for radiologists.


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