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Patient-centric care and data consolidation: Seven steps to a more efficient and resilient IT solution

Efficient patient-centric care models require consolidating mountains of data. Acquisitions and regionalization further compound the challenge. How does an organization capitalize on what could easily become a liability?

Fredrik Gustavsson, Sectra CTO, sums up the answer simply, “Don’t buy technology. Buy solutions for your clinical pathways.” In this article he develops the concept, addressing the three areas in which IT directly facilitates clinical workflow efficiency: data availability, user experience, and performance. He then provides insight into to the four most pressing overarching systems issues: managing growth, uptime, the best-of-suite vs. best-of-breed dilemma, and data privacy and security.

Read on to learn Fredrik’s recommendations for a future-proof healthcare IT strategy for today’s environment of unprecedented data proliferation and integration.

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