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Join us at CAP-ACP 2024 in Halifax!

Dive into Sectra Digital Pathology at CAP-ACP 2024! Meet with our industry experts to discover how the comprehensive, vendor-neutral solution designed for high-production environments can optimize pathology workflows, enable integrated diagnostics, seamlessly integrate AI, and more. Ready to go beyond the microscope? Schedule your demo with Sectra, today!

CAP-ACP 2024 Highlights

Ask our industry experts at CAP-ACP about our 2024 highlights!


Sectra Amplifier Marketplace makes AI accessible from one place, making it easy to use and implement in your pathology workflows. Learn more about how we enable easier, faster, and more secure AI application deployment at CAP-ACP.

Integrated Diagnostics

Sectra Digital Pathology supports an integrated diagnostics approach, helping you share images and reports between radiology and pathology for instance, and helping you efficiently prepare and present presentations at multidisciplinary team meetings. This lets you correlate findings to get a broader view of patient disease and better discussions among the various cancer care disciplines.

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